Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 7th August 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 7th August 2018

At the beginning of this week with an eclipse of the Moon, and a cycle that will culminate with the great eclipse of your ruler the Sun on the 21st, a movement begins that you must know so as not to make avoidable mistakes or act recklessly. There is a trip or a change, a change of work or home that is about to crystallize.

Do not force situations. Do not insist on starting a romantic relationship either. The astral cycle that you have in front of you is very profitable if you use it to reevaluate your attitude towards life, the way you are conducting your relationship, the quality of time you dedicate to yours. The prospects are very good, it’s up to you to make them better.leo daily horoscope tuesday 7th august 2018

It opens a very interesting cycle in which you will have to make sentimental choices if you find more than one person spinning in your head. Do not commit. Wait a little longer. The decisions made during this period are not always the best.

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Do not neglect yourself if you have previously had problems with your health and are undergoing medical treatments. Do not leave them thinking that you do not need them anymore. If you have missed an appointment with your health professional, come as soon as possible and get fit for the upcoming season.

The consequences of the retrograde transit of several planets in the horoscope are manifested in different ways in your employment. One of them is a state of anxiety. You think that you will be left without work, or that you will not leave a certain unstable labor situation. It is necessary to reassure yourself in that sense, the difficulties will be transitory, Leo.

Money and Luck
Attentive! You will receive a money that you must save. Even if you feel tempted to spend, now, a few days after the eclipse of your ruler, the Sun, it suits you to be very prudent. Your income will grow a lot if you invest it reasonably and do not start using it in an impulsive buying obsession.