Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 9th July 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 9th July 2019

Your personality attracts happiness by your side. Do not let yourself be led into the world of failures and traumas of those negative people who are constantly discouraging you in your work by filling your head with pessimistic ideas, Leo. This Tuesday is your time of awareness and with the double influence of Mercury and Venus in your sign your personality shines.

Do not worry about something unexpected that arises in your sentimental horizon, Leo, because in these coming days and as your birthday cycle approaches, you will be starting a new life, something you dreamed of and now materializes.leo daily horoscope today tuesday 9th july 2019

Captivate with your charming and strong personality and manage to leave behind a difficult situation in your love relationship. Your word is now key to fixing what was broken down and you understand, for your satisfaction, that the separations were necessary for love to flourish as it should be.

You receive a vivifying impact. If you have been worried waiting for results of tests or analysis you will see how they all turn out to be much better than projected and soon you will be enjoying your health again. Your energy level is very high, Leo.

You will leave gracefully of a collective work problem and what seemed difficult and without solution is resolved admirably. You will breathe a sigh of relief knowing the results of legal litigation. After the storm the calm will re-emerge again.
The eclipse of the Sun brings moments of meditation

Money and Luck
Doors are opened and new businesses are presented before you, which can give you money, but before entering fully into those projects you must put your economic affairs in order and keep your accounts and legal procedures up to date.