Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 11th November 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 11th November 2020

Your ruler, the Sun, is making several favorable aspects this day, including a conjunction with Mercury, a triune with Neptune, and two sextiles, one with Saturn and one with Pluto. Positively apply your knowledge so that nothing and no one clouds your happiness or cause you uneasiness with absurd ideas that have nothing to do with you. It is your constructive day in which many things that seemed impossible to you begin to take shape. You will be getting in touch with people you haven’t seen for a long time and now they want to share their time with you. What you thought was irreparable or lost now returns to your life.

You will not hesitate to tell your 4 truths to those who question you out of jealousy … Do not take literally advice that is not suitable for you. Listen to your body and its needs. Your lucidity will prevent you, at the right time, from making a major error in judgment. Your cordiality is your persuasive force, it’s time to forge a partnership, an association.leo daily horoscope 11th november 2020

With the 120 degrees aspect between your ruler, the Sun, and the planet Neptune, your inner world is harmonized and you feel at peace with yourself. The current planetary position will allow you to take the necessary steps to attract a person who interests you a lot to your side. A romance may arise between the two. Single: Your expectations are probably disproportionate, suddenly you have the feeling that nobody likes you! If you were less focused on your own aspirations and more open to those of others, the situation would be much calmer.

You get angry and express what you have on your heart. Your idealistic vision is hardly in tune with reality but you decide that you will not give up on your dreams and start afresh! In a Relationship: Loyalty and generosity are the best ways to tie up your relationship. Any petty or egocentric behavior risks lasting damage to your relationship so show yourself a great lord, listen to the expectations of the other, forgive if necessary your sparkling charm and your energy will be worth you today all the successes on the level of love: you will be seductive, and your magnetism will make you irresistible. Optimism and euphoria will light up your existence! With this aspect of Mercury, you will be entitled to some animation in your married life. Couples will take the opportunity to discuss, love, and argue too!

If you recently gained weight, you should eliminate some foods that you like a lot in your diet to achieve the health goals to which you aspire, however, do not forget that a diet without physical activity is not recommended.
Your sleep may be affected. But you will have many interesting dreams: write them down, they are so many valuable indications of your personal development. On the other hand, you will be very active, but sometimes inattentive and clumsy; risk of hand injuries.

In this period of confinement, we are temporarily leaving aside the leisure section. Indeed, it does not seem responsible for us to encourage you to go out or to exercise a sport in a group. It’s a good time to read the books that are sleeping on your shelves, to rediscover board games with your family, to watch your favorite movies again, to bake or make crafts. Stay at home as much as possible, take care of yourself and others. Good luck to all!

Focus in detail on what you are doing-especially if you work with delicate equipment. You could make some simple mistakes, but if you are attentive and alert you will not have difficulties and you will solve any work eventuality that arises very well. On a professional level, it will be time to gather your strength as showjumping. No more procrastinating! The time will be for efficiency, especially since Mars will begin to appear in your native sky at the start of the period to give you a good boost.

For those who continue their professional activities: Heaven protects your relationships and nourishes your overflowing imagination, essential for the future which seems to be emerging. You surprise those around you with the depth of your thoughts.

Money and Luck
Commercial transactions with people in charge of business abroad are not totally favored, so you must be cautious, patient,, and very analytical when doing paperwork where the money is required. No unforeseen events or additional costs that are added to your budget. You save by thinking about your future, everything is thought out so as not to miss anything. You could also take advantage of a situation, suddenly budgeting it will be fine! Leo Luck Today

The money related areas of your chart are not influenced by any planet at this time. Your financial balance will therefore be solid. Some natives may however be affected by Pluto, which may incline them to embark on purchases beyond their means or to choose an investment that is much too risky.

Family and Friends
An argument with your family or your children could upset you. You will ask yourself questions about the merits of their criticisms. Know that, despite everything, it is not always you who is right.

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