Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 14th October 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 14th October 2020

Your ruler, the Sun, is today in a stupendous sextile with Jupiter, the great planet of opportunity, portending an exciting weekend, and an upcoming full moon event – the Sun’s opposition to the Moon this Sunday. Although it may seem that things around you are confusing, the truth is that it is not like that because you can carry out your love life with a word of encouragement. The money flows into your hands and in a short time, you will have resources to pay off past debts, catch up and solve many financial problems. Speak, communicate, say what you carry in your heart. Your words will not fall into a vacuum and they will happily correspond to you.

Today you can try all the daring, they will pay off! If you were considering a flirt, for example, do not hesitate because now is the right time. You will be attractive, you will find “the right words to say it”, in short, without being a hero, So show yourself to be enterprising and witty, “we” will be very sensitive.leo daily horoscope 14th october 2020

The best thing happens in a few days when you discover the love you thought was just a friend or an adventure. Your inner world is being revitalized and you can relive an intense passion that in the past brightened your romantic life. Some natives will receive an exquisite gift from Venus. Here it is: secret happiness, a deep and captivating attraction will illuminate your emotional life, with a probable extension in the future. But don’t tell anyone, not even your close friends, otherwise, you risk losing the freshness and flavor. “To be loved, be discreet; the key to hearts is the secret”.

Don’t stick to your archaic positions. You can cross the path of love absolutely anywhere! Perfectly, even at the supermarket checkout. You just have to wait for the right moment to approach the person. All the pretexts remain valid, even if it means asking him for his help to catch the pack of milk. As a good Samaritan, he will not be able to refuse to render this service to you. In return, for your first breakfast together, consider buying croissants to accompany the milk drink. You will certainly be surrounded by feminine energies! You might be planning to visit your sister or mom … You could also hang out with your loving partner and her friends … Either way, you will please to dive into this bath of femininity. This company will relax you and put you in a good mood. Have fun with these ladies!

There is a beneficial astral influence in your sign that increases your natural powers for regeneration and healing. Listen to the voice of your intuition and do not commit recklessness because if you keep a good rhythm you will not have problems. With the final departure of Saturn and the influence of Venus in your health sector, you will see the difference. Gone are fatigue, negative ideas, and all your little psychosomatic ailments; and hello the form, the optimism, and the joy of life!

How joyful you are suddenly, how your horizon seems to have brightened! You benefit from the good radiance of Jupiter without being subjected to it. You are as gay as a chaffinch, light as a grasshopper. Reconciled with your body, you want to show yourself off, to strut around singing “I am the most beautiful in the neighborhood”. We confirm it to you, on this day you are indeed the star of the zodiac, without possible discussion. Continue in this direction, your efforts pay off, you are a role model. Today, a woman of character could have some influence over you, and conflicts could arise from that relationship. Be careful and avoid getting carried away. Without going so far as to walk on eggshells with all the women around you, pay special attention to your words and show them your friendship. Don’t worry, a wise man is worth two!

As a consequence of the two squares of your ruler, the Sun, with Saturn and Pluto, this Wednesday an unforeseen situation arises in the work that can get you out of your boxes and cause you anxieties. Do not take it as something definitive or personal but simply analyze it and do not overreact because it does not suit you. Professionally, there will be a promotion in the air for many of you. But you should not fall asleep on your laurels. On the contrary, it will take redoubled efforts to consolidate your position.

You may well ally with authoritative people. If you work with a superior or boss, your relationships could become more intimate and richer. Make yourself known and let people know about the effort you put in. If you are convincing, you could reap significant benefits. You will have fruitful relationships with those in power. It may be the day to try to make a personal profit.

Money and Luck
The possibility of a business trip or a short trip outside your city that will give you money is looming. Maybe it’s sooner than expected. Have your bags ready and your papers to avoid being caught off guard. On the financial side, artistic vagueness will not be allowed this time. In other words, you will need to monitor the status of your accounts very closely and make sure that you have paid your bills, drafts, and taxes properly. The slightest mistake, the smallest oversight could cost you dearly. Also, beware of poorly prepared transactions and risky financial transactions. Leo Luck Today

It is often said that to be happy in love means to be unhappy at work. It’s simple, you are the antithesis personified. Harmonious, you quickly know how to get out of the game, whatever the scenario. Moreover, we often take you as a referent to lead a particular project or to manage recruits. Really, keep that spontaneity that characterizes your sign. Continue to enjoy life to the fullest, without swallowing the seeds, of course! Clearly understanding the meaning of this period could help you avoid having to experience upsetting events. Among other things, it is about money. It’s like a banker comes to check your accounts. Are you financially strong? Don’t you spend more than you earn? It’s a good day to think about it.

Family and Friends
You will be very complicit with your spouse and your children if you have any. Family life will be cheerful thanks to the influence of the planets, in particular Venus, on your sign. It’s a good day to find a new property that the whole family will be comfortable in.

However, do not act too quickly and seek advice from those around you, especially your spouse, who also has a say. With your friends, the atmosphere will be good even if you have been criticized for your behavior lately. Discussions, disagreements on some substantive issues may disrupt your family life today. However, if you make an effort of goodwill, the situation will improve markedly.

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