Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 17th October 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 17th October 2018

Something that was confused is clarified and in a few days you will have in your hands the solutions you expect. Do not hesitate, follow your inspirations and you will reap success in everything, Leo. Follow your plans today in the morning and set aside some time to show your partner in some detail the place he or she occupies in your life. A surprise phone call, a bouquet of flowers, an invitation to dinner can help a lot to recover the lost ground.

Avoid complicating yourself unnecessarily by throwing out other people’s responsibilities or living the Karma of other people because your health would break down and finally you would not achieve anything concrete. A new stage in your sentimental life is opening.

Your captivating personality will attract you romance and bliss, but remember no possessive feelings, jealousies or lawsuits! Those things take away happiness and cool the relationship.

During this planetary stage, health is entering a period of great intensity and with the energy level that now surrounds you, you will be in an adequate disposition to take concrete measures in order to totally renew yourself.

A lot of prudence with your comments. Act with discretion if you have been placed in a position of high responsibility or have been promised a job promotion. With your prudence, you will avoid murmuring in certain co-workers.

Money and Luck
You may have to make an unexpected expense. Do not be discouraged if your economy goes down a bit because in a short time you will not only recover your financial level but you will be earning more money, Leo.