Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 1st August 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 1st August 2018

The influence of Mars on your Leo sign and therefore on your fire element encourages you to be very prudent. There is a trip or a change, a change of work or home that is about to crystallize. Do not force situations. Do not insist on starting a romantic relationship either.

The astral cycle that you have in front of you is special, if you use it to reevaluate your attitude towards life, the way you are conducting your relationship and the quality of time you dedicate to yours. The prospects are good, it depends on you to make them better with a very positive attitude.leo daily horoscope wednesday 1st august 2018

You must make sentimental choices if you find yourself with more than one person spinning around in your head. Wait a little longer. You are in your birthday cycle and everything that happens is a beautiful gift that is giving you life so that you enjoy it to the fullest.

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Do not leave the treatments you have now thinking that you no longer need them. If you have missed an appointment with your health professional, come as soon as possible and get fit for the upcoming season.

Do not worry about what you can not solve. If you think that you are going to be left without work, or that you are not going to leave a certain unstable employment situation, it is necessary to reassure yourself in that sense, that way you will overcome the difficulties.

Money and Luck
Eye, Leo! Although you are tempted to spend, now, with the dynamic Mars in your sign, it suits you to be very cautious. Your income will grow a lot if you invest it reasonably and do not start using it in an impulsive buying obsession.