Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 20th July 2022

With the presence of Uranus in the 10th house, you could assume a political position, since it is difficult to stay still in a moment of social change, you cannot be a silent spectator, so you could be publicly assuming your ideals in the face of some local situation. , national or global.

The Moon in the 5th house will make you quite emotional, you will need to receive affection and attention from others, you need recognition from your surroundings; This will be possible since with this location it is impossible for you to go unnoticed, wherever you go you will attract attention as you go.

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2...
Leo Daily Horoscope Today Tuesday 2nd August 2022

You may be in a mature and expansive relationship right now, influenced by the energy of Jupiter and Saturn in the couple’s house; Jupiter brings you good luck and lofty love, and Saturn the desire for serious, long-term commitment. Your personal energy will manifest in a very reserved and cautious way; behaving stealthily like a panther in the African steppe. This capacity for introspection can generate in you important inspirations or enlightened states of consciousness.

You may have the opportunity to get to know your neighbors better today. It is sometimes by simply taking the trouble to engage in conversation that we discover true affinities. Today, these circumstances could occur and you will be the first surprised by the quality of this first contact. And it’s so much more pleasant to live in a less impersonal setting around your home.

Unlike your neighbors in Leo, you rarely explain what drives you to act. You act, that’s all, considering that the time for reflection should not be as long as some would like, otherwise we lose precious time! Today, however, you may well be seen explaining your reasons for acting. If you were a business owner, it would be a good time to organize a big “mass”.

Your home will probably be the scene of profound changes or even upheavals. Among other events, you may have to move house. Your spouse, your children or your other relatives will be of invaluable help in this case. As your whole little world will be on a war footing, try to stay very cool, because any misplaced words or gestures could provoke negative reactions.

You will need an expansive love in which together you can develop a bond from freedom, this does not mean that you do not want to commit, but you need to build a relationship from the trust and self-sufficiency of both parties. You will act today as a wise visionary.

Take advantage of these ideal conditions to plan long-term projects and organize your work or that of your team for the weeks to come. Especially since you will easily find the right arguments to convince those around you of the merits of your proposals.

With this aspect of Neptune, the agreement of your couple will be likely to be in good shape. However, beware of discussions of money, which could bring some clouds to your serene Sky. The issue will have to be approached with caution and diplomacy. Single, you’ll want to collect exciting adventures. Only, in the end, you will experience only a painful feeling of dissatisfaction. So, if you meet a serious person and they fall in love with you, don’t push them away.

You could experience discomfort in the legs and bones, due to the influences of the sign of Capricorn in the house of health. It is important that you consume calcium in the diet. Your emotions might be playing tricks on you today, and you’ll have a hard time dealing with reality.

Relax, don’t worry about the details, and focus on your little self. Things will go smoothly if you manage to externalize your positive energy. Do not worry too much about the consequences, but rather worry about the means available to you to regain your inner balance. In short, be selfish!

Here is an excellent day to take stock of all the little ailments that bother you. Why not consider a general medical check-up? Social Security offers you one free of charge every five years. Either way, lead a well-regulated life, because you will soon be attacked from all sides. Make a cure of trace elements. Drink sage tea and put wheat germ in your yogurts or salads. Get rid of the allergic tendency by sophrology or, better still, by acupuncture.

Pluto in the 6th house and in opposition to the Sun can generate conflicts with some authority figure at work, since you do not like to be given orders. You must strategically manage any conflict that may arise at work so that it turns out in your favor. In business, you will be very convincing, because you know your files well and display overflowing enthusiasm. Beware all the same of drunkenness, which could lead you to commit beautiful blunders.

You sometimes have strongly held opinions! You are passionate, and you do everything you can to convince those around you. But today you will realize that you judged a person too harshly. Maybe it’s a colleague of yours that you don’t like. Even if this person is not perfect, you must take into account his past and his personal history. Try to be open-minded and listen to your loved ones.

Money and Luck
The energy of Virgo in the 2nd house gives you a natural faculty for finances, as well as a great administrative capacity to conduct yourself astutely in business. You will probably need to solve some practical questions today. Put your nose in the administrative paperwork, your old invoices, your bank statements.

It’s time to clean up! Don’t shrink from the daunting aspect of the task. While tidying up, we sometimes discover certain things that give us new ideas. Improving your living environment will be an investment for the future! The astral climate will be quite ambiguous on the money side, and you will have to remain vigilant. Not that the stars threaten you with a catastrophe; on the contrary, they could bring you a financial improvement. But Mars will complicate the game. Beware, in particular, of larger than expected expenses or investments. Control your urges.

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