Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 24th October 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 24th October 2018

The double influence of Jupiter and the Moon helps to help you be witty and original in the things you are going to tell your partner and at the same time due to other planetary aspects exacerbates your roance and deep tone in your love relationships.

If you were going to do something new, guide yourself through your intuitions and you will succeed in doing it. The time has come to change the routine and proceed in a renewed way within your privacy. Do not let inertia or apathy cool your sensibility, Leo.

If you notice something different in your partner, do not immediately jump to conclusions. Do not live thinking about all the worst in love and do not worry about life imagining infidelities which only exist in your imagination. Put to work the freshness of your Leo sign and your royal way of seeing reality, and you will see how love always smiles at you. All natives of the sign should expect small annoyances and small disappointments heart side this day. If you want to spend this day without damage, the main thing will be to dramatize nothing and just reason, like the Chinese sage: “The superior man does not murmur against Heaven and does not complain about men”.

This Wednesday presents auspicious aspects associated with dentists and oral treatments. If you are thinking about fixing your teeth or undergoing some type of surgery in a hospital, take advantage of these positive waves of the moon transit by a sign that governs the bones and teeth. No major problem to be feared on the health side. But you could show signs of fatigue, which will only be the manifestation of your slight anxieties or your inner tension. Continue to play sports or resume your old sports. Feel free to take a nap when possible.

A creative stage is approaching in your work, but at the same time it has an air of instability that could make you nervous thinking that you are going to lose your job. Quiet, do not be carried away by nervous and reckless people. The day will be excellent. Your professional future will look very promising. You will receive a benevolent eye from your superiors; we will find you charming and full of talent. You can hope to see your most cherished promotional wishes come true.

Money and Luck
Changes are always healthy if you take advantage of that energy in a creative and positive way. Do it this way and you will see how well everything comes to you with that wave of renewal that is now being presented in your sign of the fire element. Do not be overwhelmed by financial problems when trying to avoid them. Be very careful in your expenses. Carefully update your accounts to prevent oversights that may have serious consequences.

By Mary Emma

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