Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 26th December 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 26th December 2018

With your enthusiasm and spontaneity you will be able to put aside the sentimental tensions and you will be able to enjoy a stage full of passion. You have a good regenerative faculty in your body, but you must help your body and not introduce toxic substances into your system.

If you still smoke, try to end that habit so harmful and with such bad consequences for your health. An unexpected circumstance will put you in the path of someone who can help you achieve your work and economic goals. Do not be discouraged by an initial setback, everything will be solved as it should be.leo daily horoscope today wednesday 26th december 2018

You could be somewhat nostalgic these days thinking about who is not now with you. Put aside the sad ideas and put the harmonious part of your sign to work. Live with the enthusiasm that your Leo sign imparts to life, of the fire element, ruled by the Sun!

If there is good weather around you, take advantage of it to go outdoors and walk, run or practice some sport in contact with nature. It’s time to become more aware of physical activity to improve your health this Wednesday.

It is possible that in your work you will be surprised with an unusual proposal at the beginning of 2019. Do not discard it even if you do not like it at all initially. Many times the rejected at first becomes then an engine for our job growth and you, Leo, you know from experience.

Money and Luck
A friend who is trying to become economically independent communicates his plans and indirectly invites you to associate with him. Wait a bit until you have more information, but do not close the doors to that economic possibility. Be receptive.

By Mary Emma

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