Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 2nd January 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 2nd January 2018

In your conjugal relationships, be sure to spare a niche of fantasy and even moderate madness. “In love, there is no more terrible disaster than the death of the imagination”. Beware of routine and prosaicism like plague. Today, look to surprise your spouse or partner. Single, do not take in tragic your disappointments in love. Everyone knows perfectly well that “there is as much pain in love as shells on the shore”. So, find all your sense of reality and have the courage to face things.

Money and Luck
On the financial side, your rather dreamy and carefree side can make you miss some great opportunities that Saturn will offer you. So it would be useful, on this day, to add the help of a more realistic and competent person.leo daily horoscope today wednesday 2nd january 2018

The astral atmosphere, with high Jupiterian content, will be a factor of physical vitality. But she will also often be responsible for a strong enough inner tension that can lead to awkward gestures. Control your movements.

Expect radical but favorable changes in the professional field. Some friends are ready to help you; do not hesitate to call on them if you think it desirable.

Family and Home
Do not be too directive in your family life. Otherwise, the people around you will not tolerate that you systematically impose your will on them, and that will be open revolt.

Social Life
You will be quite inclined to introspection and will seek more solitude. But that will not prevent you from being pleasant when you are in society. Enjoy this state of tranquility and stability to seek to improve your living conditions, especially with regard to its spiritual and cultural side.

By Mary Emma

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