Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Today the Moon opposition to Pluto falls right in your house of illness. The Sun is protecting you so that you have a lot of vitality, but that energy can make you ignore an important wake-up call.

Perhaps today is a day to take it easy, with the Sun in your sign you feel invincible and in fact you have more energy than usual these days. But the Moon is asking you to attend to something that you are ignoring and you have to pay attention to health issues.

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday...
Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Feeling good doesn’t mean you don’t have to take precautions for long-term health. Another way this aspect can manifest is with a strong desire to do nothing today. If that’s what your body asks for, do it.

Choose your battles well and don’t get into a fight you can’t win. Better put your pieces and evidence together that will later help you prove that you do more than what is expected. That can become a negotiating tool for a raise in the future. It has been a complicated period in the couple’s relationship since your significant other is going through a complicated period in which he has not had much time to be calm and enjoy things.

Today Venus receives a transit from the Moon that sensitizes us and makes us want connection with others. You have the energy and desire to the top to look for adventures, the issue is that you also have a difficult transition in the house of health that asks you to attend to it. Do not trust and leave things for another day chasing passion. Pay attention to the details since in them one can later find causes for future problems.

The Moon opposition in the 12th house, which deals with lockdowns and hospitals, is affecting Pluto in the 6th house, which deals with illness. So this can be taken as a wake-up call so you don’t neglect your health. If you need to do medical tests, I highly recommend that you go to the laboratory and do them.

The work situation can enter a moment of tension with an authority figure in which more is demanded of you than what you are supposed to do. You have to be patient on this day since this transit confronts you with power games in which perhaps you simply have to give in for the moment and do what is asked instead of entering into an open conflict which today you could lose.

Money and Luck
Finances are doing moderately well, there is income, although they do not feel as stable as you would like, the solution is simple: You have to cut down on expenses that are not necessary. It’s time to review all your accounts and subscriptions and start questioning why you have each service contracted.

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