Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 4th November 2020

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 4th November 2020

You are on the threshold of the square of your ruler, the Sun, with the Moon associated with a trine with Neptune and the Sun, and from these moments you already feel different sensations, memories, and desires invade you that you thought you were not going to experience again. If you can, try to go to a private place tonight with someone you are interested in as you will be very successful and you will be able to live pleasant moments of sentimental intimacy. Life will be placing you in a dilemma in which you must choose one thing or another, for one person or another.

Today you may suddenly decide to organize a party. It may be for the birthday of a friend or colleague. You want them to have a special day. Gather everyone together to create an enjoyable moment of celebration. You may want to invite some friends over for dinner. You will want to cook your favorite dish for an audience that will appreciate it. Plan a nice evening at home and enjoy the conversation.leo daily horoscope 4th november 2020

You could feel uneasy thinking that a relationship is in jeopardy due to mixed signals received in a casual conversation or encounter. Don’t get carried away by negative impulses and move on. This is your night of love.

An unexpected conversation with a current or potential partner can end with the two of you revealing your deepest feelings. This talk may indirectly affect the state of their relationship, but they will learn a lot about each other which could cause them to now consider whether they want to continue the relationship or not. All signs say, however, that the relationship could change a little, but that it will continue.

You are not very inclined to dialogue, you keep everything to yourself. This taciturn mood doesn’t help those around you to pinpoint your expectations, so don’t be surprised if you go from disappointment to disappointment: how can they anticipate your desires if you don’t tell them? You need to reconnect with your ability to communicate with simple words to find harmony in your love life.

Emotional stresses and domestic problems may be weighing on your health and causing frequent insomnia or headaches. Before you start filling yourself with drugs and medicines, try to relax and you will improve a lot.

Instead of complaining about how tired you feel, today you will want to use this fatigue for physical activity. Getting outside works wonders with concentration. If you live in the city, how about taking a short walk for your lunch break? Or phone up your friends and arrange to do some kind of activity together, whether it’s indoors or out at night. If your lifestyle is fairly sedentary, as it is for most people, try climbing stairs instead of using the elevator, or riding a bike if you can. Any activity other than sitting will channel your energies.

You’re too hot and then too cold, you don’t know whether to put on or take off a sweater, you seem to be a little feverish. A native of the first decan, you are cautious by nature which can distort your assessment. If you have a fever, consider natural methods to lower your temperature: take a bath in lukewarm water, hydrate yourself (at least 8 to 12 glasses of water a day), swallow a good fresh orange juice, and prepare yourself an elderflower infusion. The rest will do the rest.

If you don’t have a job now, apply all your ability and discipline to get it. Opportunities are just around the corner. Today you may be concerned with issues of justice. Perhaps there is something that is happening in your environment that does not seem fair. At work, employees may be having problems. They can be concerns regarding your low wages. Or maybe they have a hard time with the boss. You can help. Perhaps you have your own point of view on the situation. Today you can act as a mediator between the groups and establish peace.

Money and Luck
Remove from your subconscious those negative ideas that make you see everything gray or with a pessimistic attitude because even if the money is not in your hands as you expected for this date, very soon you will receive it and you will have passed the trouble. Leo Luck Today

Today someone eccentric and unusual can attract you. You could meet someone whose dress, attitude, or beliefs are totally different from yours. Although sometimes you can be quite particular about your tastes, you will see that this person is attracted to you, well! You could enjoy the conversation and flirt. It is always good to learn from someone with an opposite type of energy and who has a different vibe.

Sawtooth, spectacular ascent, looping … life is not a long calm river! However, it is promised, all this will soon be arranged for the profit of rainbow, sun, and heart in celebration. Mercury can assure you: if you have to react, it’s now or never! So, without putting on gloves, defend your place within the company! Your sign has many values such as generosity and empathy. It would be a shame not to highlight them!

Family and Friends
The influence of Mars will punctuate the life of the natives of your sign, especially those of the first decan. The planetary atmosphere is favorable to you. You want to do a lot of things in a minimum of time. If you manage to be well organized, you will be successful in spending time with your kids, friends, and family. However, be careful of injuries if you undertake a sporting activity as part of a family outing. Also, watch out for the little ones who hurt themselves more easily.

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