Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 6th November 2019

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Wednesday 6th November 2019

This Wednesday, November 6, your inner doubts reveal a need for introspection, do not think that it forces you to be gruff … It’s time to revise your diet. Favor your consumption of green vegetables.

A need for change, improvement is felt, do not dodge it, it is in your interest. Moreover, a wind of freedom slows down real family connections. A harmonization is essential, a change is organized, stay open to novelty, new opportunities that flourish despite appearances.leo daily horoscope 6th november 2019

Some efforts are more difficult than others and today the moon makes you go fast. By refusing to return to its infernal cycle, you are in good mood to leave certain latitudes. Know what to do and engage in what really motivates you. The answers will come from themselves, without a doubt.

As a couple: Learn together, to walk, before running. A relationship is built on the long term. If you indulge in improvisation, you may not see it straight away. But do you really need it? Today, the moon has the annoying habit of wanting to organize everything. Give way to humor and fantasy, this is the best parade.

Single: You prefer to be alone than badly accompanied, yet the moon is unifying and pushes you to the spirit of the group. You can find your old friends or make new acquaintances. However, you have a hard time choosing and you do it again and again. You will get there.

Bad lunar impulses will disrupt your love life. In fact, you can not stand jealousy, which you call possessiveness, and you will not want to sacrifice a single strand of your independence to stop provoking it. But, with the support of the planet Venus, you will find a good idea to put your loves in the blue.

Long live the relaxation! To get rid of depression and negative thoughts that could undermine your energy, turn to health care techniques that treat the mind and body at the same time. Yoga or shiatsu, these tried and true natural methods will help you get over this.

You hate to feel shut up, stuck in your entrenchments, without escape. A challenge, external pressures, a rivalry that generates insecurity, anything is possible! The sky shakes your certainties, you feel destabilized.

Money and Luck
Success comes from a rich imagination and a good financial organization, you should be able to pay off your credits or debts. Without a doubt, you make choices that will have a positive impact very quickly. Leo Luck Today

Just to clarify it immediately: this configuration of Saturn does not bode well in the finance sector. At best, it will force you to accept a period of restriction. At worst, it will cause many delays in cash, which will require you to redo your accounts. While waiting for the situation to recover, which will be soon, try not to make it a disease.

Making concessions is not really for you except that in some cases you have no choice. So look good by agreeing to perform various unusual tasks, it’s not the sea to drink either!

Your relationships with your professional entourage will be difficult, if not blocked. Try to resolve disputes quickly with your colleagues, or the situation will only get worse.

Family and Friends
Difficult contact with your children, especially if they are teenagers. Yet, they will really want to confide in you. If you do not meet their expectations, they will feel abandoned, misunderstood.

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