Leo Daily Horoscope in Urdu Saturday 10th February 2018

Leo Daily Horoscope in Urdu Saturday 10th February 2018

Your marital relations may turn sour. Definitely, you will have trouble demolishing this wall of incomprehension. Worse, one would think that you have just acquired the gift of finding the sentence that hurts, even when you want yourself kind, sweet and tender.

If you are a lonely heart, planetary influences will be conducive to an encounter, and many of you will undoubtedly embark on a two-man adventure.

The Moon in this configuration will give you fighting spirit, but also a need to satisfy all your desires for luxury and prodigality. Be reasonable: avoid unnecessary expenses, so as not to deprive you of the necessary.

A project that you have prepared for a long time could be canceled or postponed at the last moment. The first disappointment passed, you will leave for other conquests and other achievements, morale not started thanks to the support of Pluto.

Astral atmosphere very favorable to take stock of all the small evils that bother you. Why not consider a general medical check-up? Social Security offers you one free every five years.

Anyway, lead a life well settled, because you will soon be attacked from all sides. Make a cure for trace elements. Drink sage tea and put wheat germ in yogurt or salads. Get rid of the allergic tendency by spores or, better still, by acupuncture.

Thanks to the good influx of Saturn, family issues, however thorny they are, will lead to a solution from today. The atmosphere will become harmonious, especially in the company of the youngest.leo daily horoscope in urdu 10th february 2018 aaj ka din

Social life
It is possible that you will receive the shock of your relationship problems from some time ago. If so, no oil on the fire. Keep quiet, and the storm will pass without causing too much damage.

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