Leo | Friday August 2, 2019 | Daily Horoscope

There is a wave of enthusiasm within your love life that extends to different sectors of your sphere of interests, Leo.

Your intuitions and dreams will bring you closer to where there are money and fortune, remember that what we call coincidences are nothing more than situations that at the time we do not know how to understand, but that later show positive for us if we know how to take advantage of them. The energies prevailing in your sign augur an intense weekend in love, take advantage of it intensely.

Act taking everything in its own time. Don’t worry about what you can’t solve. That person thinks of you and you just have to take the first step to win him back. This birthday period can represent the end of a stage of solitude and the beginning of another very beautiful one within your sentimental life, Leo.

On this day, to feel good you just need fresh air and exercise. A tour of a natural site on Friday, even one hour, will work wonders in your general attitude and improve your general, physical and mental conditions.

Not everything goes as you wish, but at the same time, you feel more comfortable in your current work position and discover how you can get more out of your workday. If you are unemployed do not despair, your time will come soon.

Money and Luck
Sharpen your sixth sense because you are receiving clear intuitions and if you attend them you could go directly to the right place. There is a good wave in the path of chance and you can earn money in lawful games.

The arcane that today’s tarot, Friday, August 2, 2019, presents to us for Leo’s horoscope, is “The Devil.”

This letter refers to all those aspects of your own personality that are holding you back, limiting you and causing you some kind of problem.

You may have been feeling for a while that you are not going anywhere, that you do not achieve anything you intend. This figure encourages you to discover what happens and how to solve it.

Many times we fall into routines, automatic behaviors, ways of doing assimilated and repetitive things that can harm us without realizing it.
Leo needs his space

It’s not that Leo needs his space, but he claims it anyway.

He really wants to do whatever he wants, with whomever he wants. He does not usually stand in the solitude of his room, lamenting or turning meaningless around things that happen to him.

He does that while living, performing, expanding and looking for alternatives. For him that space that he demands is simply to be able to relax, be calm, alone or in a special company.

Make an intimate plan or devote yourself to all those issues that your busy social life does not allow you to do normally.

In the end, it is good for him to disconnect from so many people and focus his attention on himself for a change.

What to do if a Leo man wants to make you jealous
It may not seem like it, but when a man from Leo’s horoscope wants to make you jealous, what he wants you to do is follow the flow by entertaining him, eradicating his fears and insecurities.

They are not usually visible or often manifest, but they do. It may be caused by a selfish feeling that makes you think that you may lose what you like or that person who fills and satisfies you, but you have them.

For this reason, sometimes he will try to arouse jealousy in that person to raise his ego, strengthen that feeling of belonging and feel loved, better with him and himself.

It is not something he does with evil and he himself knows that he is not entirely healthy, but it is his way of being and acting and he cannot always control it.

What to do if a Leo woman wants to make you jealous
The most likely reason why a Leo woman may want to make you jealous is that you have screwed up in some way and are making clear the situation in your relationship.

That is, reminding you that it is indomitable, that you must take care of it, strive, get involved or it will not hesitate to leave forever without looking back.

The Leo woman is sociable, active, charismatic, the center of all eyes and provocative of passions. She does not lack suitors, nor men who seduce her.

When they opt for one, they expect that man to be involved in the same way she will.

For this reason, when you feel it is not, you will not hesitate to take charge of the situation.

Actually, it is a touch of attention, a warning that will not meet the same situation again because the lionesses are not characterized by wasting time in that unnecessary way.


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