Leo Horoscope Friday 7 April 2017 the lies of the truths

Leo Predictions Friday 7 April 2017: You will differentiate the lies of the truths

You are in a period where it is important for you to learn new things. In this world today one can not be left behind because opportunities are lost.

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One of the things that should not be neglected is the new technologies, it invests time in finding out things that can be useful for you in any aspect of your life.

Enjoy the experience and acquire all the knowledge you can, it is more than possible that you will need it in the near future. It never hurts to learn new things especially when they can make you gain value in

This Friday you tend to be somewhat emotionally unstable, you may get up a little confused. It will do you better if you downplay your mood swings. Pessimism, like optimism, is contagious.

Do not forget. An aura of enthusiasm and joy is what you need most to carry out your affairs because if you let yourself be led by external circumstances you could sadden yourself, and that, far from helping, harms. Shake the negative, take a deep breath, live now!

Leo Love Horoscope Friday 7 April 2017

The Moon is transiting by your sign Leo moving towards Virgo. The planets Venus and Jupiter continue retrograde, in addition begins the retrograde transit of Saturn. The others are direct. If reconciliations are augured – if there were fights or separations – and if they have not happened then rejoice because the night that awaits you is of sexual intensity as corresponds to your passionate sign.

Leo Health Horoscope Friday 7 April 2017

With the current planetary influence there arises a strong entrance of energy in your sign that you should not dismiss. To use it positively do physical exercises, practice a sport, go to a gym or just give a good walk outdoors.

Leo Work Horoscope Friday 7 April 2017

You will be on the right path to carry out your projects at work and to carry out a good business or the signing of a contract. However you may have to deal with a very conflicting partner who will be creating problems. Act with discretion and social tact.

Leo Money and Luck Horoscope Friday 7 April 2017

In your astrological horizon intense periods of economic growth are visible and soon you will be receiving offers, propositions and invitations that will increase your financial resources. Do not waste the money obtained and invest it wisely.

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