Leo Horoscope in the Month of August 2019

August for the Leo horoscope, you will be influenced by the 2 New Moons (1 and 30) and the Full Moon of 15, which bring you prosperity. The most important thing will be personal pleasure, money, health. Lucky numbers for August: 1-2-9-10-19-20-21-22-28-29.

In August it will be a difficult and difficult month for love. You will feel uneasy and want to make your relationship work well so that everything goes according to your wishes. It is time to raise those changes, which will be accepted. The problem is not that you do not love each other if not, that your partner is going through a bad time and is not in a good mood. In the last week of the month, the thing is fixed. If you are single, at the end of the month you could meet someone and fall in love madly.

The money will be the best throughout the month! You will have an important cash inflow during the first 11 days of the month. Your intuition will be great and you will have opportunities to invest and good luck in your investments, in the Games of Chance and business. The money will enter easily. The money will bring you confidence, financial stability, and happiness. You will feel very good. From 18 you start a stage of wealth, where everything flows. You’ll have to travel to do some money or business-related management. Your parents or grandparents or bosses could give you a significant amount of money

Your work and your profession are going well. But it is the right time, to change all that, that you think does not work as you want or think it could work better in another way. You have the power to do it easily. You will be presented with interesting job opportunities. Take advantage of them

Social Life
The social life will be quieter or so you will try at least. You like to go out and breathe at night and you will feel like going out to dinner with friends or having dinner at home, to relax. Meetings in a good company. It is possible that you receive a visit from a friend who comes to spend a few days at your house. You like all this. You are going to take a trip for the month.

August will be a month where the family is on vacation and lives the quiet family atmosphere. It breathes harmony at home. Each one goes to his own way and does what he wants most, although family meals and good company, good food and laughter will not be lacking.

Your health will be excellent You will have a lot of energy and courage to face everything. Everything will seem easy and easy decisions. August will be a perfect month to pamper yourself and do all that, which brings you happiness and personal pleasure. You will feel phenomenal and your image will be impeccable: sensuality and beauty thanks to the influence of Venus. You will change your image, give yourself massages and rest in the way you like best.

In August you are on vacation and rest. Excellent time to read love and luxury novels, that you don’t have time to read during the year or read about spiritual topics of your interest. If you are a student and in your country follow the rhythm of the normal course, you will do well. You will get good grades and you will be well organized.



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