Leo Horoscope March 2017 and Predictions

Leo Horoscope March 2017 and its predictions

This month of March Leo, the most important thing will be the profession and the money. Lucky numbers: 1-9-27

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Leo love March 2017

In love you will go much better. There will be harmony between you and desire to be together, to enjoy and talk about your things in privacy. It would be ideal to travel abroad, to completely isolate yourself from your daily life. If you are single, you could find love during a trip abroad.

Leo job March 2017

At work it will be the center of your life. Your ambition is enormous, you are doing very well, you are making progress and you need to put all your attention at work.

Your profession has become your priority in life, but be careful because you lack direction and clarity of ideas. You need to analyze it, set a clear objective and make some changes. There might be changes that you would have to mold yourself into.

Leo money March 2017

You’ll be fine with money. No problem. There will be no changes or movements during the first fortnight. You will stay as you were last month and in principle do not have to have problems. It is better to save and reduce expenses, even if you have whims. You can settle a debt or a loan. If you get rid of things, get rid of them, give them away or give them to an NGO. The second fortnight you will receive unexpected money or a raise. Invert. You will worry about your partner’s finances.

Leo family March 2017

Your family goes to a 2nd floor and they agree. You see clearly that you work for them, to give them a better well-being and quality of life and they understand it perfectly. Do not feel guilty if you miss some family moments.

Leo Health March 2017

The health will be good and you will have no worries about it.

You know that the sport feels very good. Also Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi, so it will depend on you, to do what the body asks you. You will have free time to rest and read quietly at home.

Leo studies March 2017

If you are a student you will do very well. It will be a good month for the study and to clarify concepts.

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