Leo Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017, wealth of your inner world

Leo Today Sunday April 16, 2017 and Tomorrow Horoscope

Leo Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017, With Venus increases the wealth of your inner world

It is not a good time to make strong investments of money, it is time to start saving for the times ahead.

It is likely that you receive a criticism of someone you know and want, it will be something related to you, but be careful, if you do not have proof about what they have told you then you should not stop trusting the person you know.

Many people try to separate others who are close together only the pleasure of having the power to do it, it is a reason without weight and without any foundation, but it is a reality.

If you have to tell the truth that you have tried to hide your partner from a situation that you can no longer keep quiet, you must do this today, do not be afraid of their reaction, it is likely to take it the best way .
Leo Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017 Today’s lucky numbers: 2, 3, 15, 21, 22, 26.

Today, Sunday, April 16, the planet of love, Venus, enters directly into the sign of Pisces, do not miss the explanatory note about it! Man’s wealth is not in his pockets but in his ability to give and receive love. Whoever does not love because he fears failure will never live happily ever after. You are blowing your imagination and something that happened in recent days inspires you to think about a future commitment. Do not worry about what you can not solve now because after all what you are looking for is very close to you. Life smiles at you and in a short time it will fix what has been troubling you and causing headaches, Leo. Always keep your optimism.

Leo Love, Wealth, Health and Family Horoscope Sunday April 16, 2017

You will feel so happy that you will pass it on to everyone around you. Sharing joy and affection. Let yourself be guided by intuition to inquire into the affections of your partner. The Moon is still in transit through the Sagittarius sign. Today the retrograde movement of Venus ends. The planets Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn continue retrograde, the other planets are direct. Do not worry too much if your partner is not expressive. Remember that most of the time true love is in which words are not needed because the purest feelings are revealed in the depth and delicacy of a simple look.

He will not lack the strength for his journey. Seize the day. If you have suffered a burn, skin lesion or similar problem, or suffer from skin conditions such as rashes or herpes you are getting a good cosmic effluvium.

A confrontation with your boss will make you lose points before him. Glad and think if it’s really worth discussing and getting angry about that. Concentrate on the completion of a project and carefully study the details without leaving anything out. The extra time that you spend on Saturday in this organizational work activity will bring you great results next week.

Money and Luck
The day will begin neutral, be constructive and create more in yourself to tilt the balance in your favor. You may have received new credit cards, do not start using them right away. The companies flood you with offers, but you must buy according to your common sense so as not to unnecessarily debar you. Separate well: one thing is the needs, what you need, another your tastes, what you want.

Avoid possible waste. Start controlling your household expenses.

Never stop cultivating your spirit, because it is the door to purification.

A friend will call you to offer you a job. Your friend who knows you well believes that you are the right person for him. Take a look at least. When a friend does that, it’s for something.

A relative has something important to tell you. Shoot and listen. They need your support.

Leo Tomorrow Horoscope Sunday April 17, 2017

You are going through a bad job and that the others begin to notice it, you have to give free rein to what you want in your life, it’s time to start thinking about taking that specialization course that some time ago you had thought, look for the day Of today information on that subject, could be something very auspicious for your life and your progress in the life.

Do not let your parents control your life, if you live under your roof, you must obey the rules of your house, but if you have already left, then you must start making your own decisions in life, there is nothing less encouraging than one Person who is not able to take their own options, that could lead you to be alone without knowing someone special for a long time more, put a look at this situation so special.

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