Leo Horoscope Sunday, April 9, 2017, The Unexpected Emerges

Leo Horoscope Sunday, April 9, 2017 Today

Do not look at a job failure or in studies as something necessarily bad, you probably have to learn a lot from a bad situation that will happen in this area today, so always try to be with all your senses very open, always You will have the opportunity to return to take the option of managing your life and achieve the things you have proposed, falls teach us to stand again and always want better things for ourselves.

Do not let what you need to say stays inside you, it’s time to speak and tell the truth about an issue that has been going around for some time.

Your relationship works very well, but you must give space to talk and to tell you the things that bother you about what you live day by day and even you, do not stop making small changes that can make the relationship Always go much better.
Leo Lucky numbers for today: 22, 33, 34, 36, 48, 49.

Leo Horoscope, Horoscope of 09/04/2017

The impact that comes from the transit of the Moon and the astral movements existing on this Sunday tend to place you in front of the unexpected. Some Leo natives will be moving, changing jobs or home and even couples. Others will be consolidating their work and economic position. This is the period of renewal and intimate transformation. A person close to you will receive a money or payment that has long been pending and could not be resolved so far.

Leo Love, Health, Money and Luck Horoscope Sunday, April 9, 2017

Today Sunday the Moon is in Virgo moving towards Libra, the planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde. It is your stage to enjoy your relationship and enjoy a night of love and intimacy and in no way spoil it with arguments and fights that have nothing to do with your sentimental reality.

Even if you have had a relapse these days, you will now get well out of your health problems. You are in a total regenerative process which will help you overcome asthma or respiratory crisis if you suffer from such problems.

Use your discretion and there will be no problems because due to the retrograde transit of Saturn and Venus can occur some difficult encounters especially in the personal order. Show your self control, class and category with appropriate answers.

Money and Luck
You will hear very encouraging news that will encourage you to go ahead with a project that you had shelved to the present and you had not dared to undertake for fear of failure. Remember that these do not exist, if you do not venture you would be stuck.

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