Leo Horoscope Today 12th May 2022

Your personality will be very well attributed by the presence of Fortune in your 1st house; This will make you shine and people will greatly appreciate your presence and what you evoke anywhere. So enjoy the company of the people that they will do with yours and everything will be very peaceful and harmonious.

Internal changes on an emotional level are going to be the order of the day thanks to the presence of Neptune in your 8th house in the sign of Pisces. This will evoke in you a lot of reflection and attention to how you feel and how you interact with others based on your emotions and you will be able to understand what you must improve and what you must correct to be a better Leo for the world.


The presence of Saturn in the sign of Aquarius indicates a tendency to like people older than you who are very mature and focused on life, however Jupiter gives you a tendency to be very jovial and empathic with the people around you. around, therefore take care of these qualities in those who you consider candidates to be your partners and you will be making the best choice.

You will learn some good but surprising news about a group of which you are a member. Maybe it’s about the fundraising activities that gave more results than you expected, or maybe there is some recognition towards you. However, a lot of paperwork will need to be completed before this will work for you. It could be contracts or other legal paperwork. At night: Go out and celebrate with your friends.

Unexpected but positive changes may occur in your home that will catapult you into a new phase of your life. Maybe someone is moving or you decide to change the decor or even move, and this may involve air travel. But these are only symptoms; external changes reflect internal changes. Do not resist and let yourself go!


You enjoy wise people and what they can share with you and today will not be an exception since Sagittarius in your 5th house will be bringing you very lucky conversations and encounters with people possibly older than you who are giving you good advice and warnings based on in their experience to improve your life which will make you very happy and you will feel very fond of them because Saturn and Jupiter connect with your 5th house from your 7th house bringing this aspect of mature people to the table.

Today you will feel especially sensual and passionate. If you have a partner, you will want to be by their side, however, responsibilities will get in the way. If you are alone, you will want to be accompanied to such an extent that the people around you will be literally suffocated by your presence. This will give you the perfect excuse to get blue, but don’t fall into that trap. Seduce when you have time!


Take good care of your temple, I mean your body because Pluto over Capricorn indicates that there may be some problems on a physical level that need to be taken into consideration. Therefore, at the slightest sign of discomfort, go to the doctor and get checked because this planet in its process of diluting the unnecessary can attract discomfort, it is not fortuitous that it is the God of the underworld, therefore take care of yourself.

Today you will decide to start a diet. You are generally careful about what you eat, but perhaps lately you have fallen into some bad habits. Daily lunches at the burger joint don’t make you feel any better! Try to buy some healthy salads and natural foods. Take some vitamins to stimulate your metabolism. Soon your system will start burning calories and getting better.


It is likely that the routines that you are carrying out at work are changing and you now have to renew yourself from scratch in order to have a better work capacity that is much more up-to-date with the times we now live in. Capricorn in your 6th house undoubtedly refers to very refined tasks within your work, therefore renew yourself and create better work structures to adequately meet today’s work demands.

The key for you today will be creativity and ambition. It’s a great combination for climbing the corporate ladder as you’ll find a new way to get your work noticed and gain recognition for your efforts. Creative people often feel undervalued at work, especially if they are in the executive industry. But creativity doesn’t have to be the same as art, and finding a new approach to a work-related problem can help you advance your career, no matter what you do.


Be very attentive to the management you give to your finances and especially if you make shipments or digital transactions be cautious of the accounts and services you pay or contract because Virgo from your house two connecting with your house 11 can tell us that the payments you make associations or clubs may have an error that needs to be clarified; be very attentive to this and everything will be solved without loss. It is possible that some recent events or information that you have received from afar set your mind to work with new and revolutionary ideas that you had never considered before. This may refer to career opportunities, new spiritual concepts, or changes in your way of life. However, don’t get carried away with enthusiasm. Consider the pros and cons and wait a few days before getting down to business.

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