Leo Horoscope Today 1st January 2022

Check Leo Horoscope for Today Saturday, January 1st, the prediction method is based on the position of the stars at the time of birth. You would admit that you have done your best to progress, but that you have not had the opportunity to do everything correctly.

After the days have passed, you would presume in the best sense of the word that everything would come more prosperous than usual. But with Leo on your side, you would have more desire than before. Before you think, you could stop feeling your heavy steps, that is to say, that everything that from this moment you feel would become an opportunity, would be being accurate.


You would formulate good energy, shaking off what has been in your way for a while. For this, the sextile between Mercury and Neptune would give you what is necessary to get rid of what is not necessary.leo horoscope today 1st january 2022

It’s today or never, you would let everything feel much better than you think just by organizing yourself little by little. It would be exceptional to see how step by step you would have achieved those goals that you admitted to being complicated. With the waning Moon, you could have everything going for you.

A hard day awaits you. Discord will appear in the different fields of your life prompting you to action. The foolishness of others will cause tension and frustration wherever you go. What you need to balance the equation is fun. With a jovial mind and a good disposition, you will fix any situation. Have fun today.

You would declare your love to that person you like, possibly making your day look like one of the best. Forward that energy to everyone you consider important, soak them in love, fill them with good vibration and you will see concrete results on this topic. For this, the waning Moon would have enough energy to achieve it.

You’ve been worrying a lot and haven’t had time to distract yourself, so today you might feel like doing something crazy. You will have several ideas, but you probably decide to kidnap a friend or your partner and take them to a concert, to the theater, or to watch a game. Even if you have not given advance notice, he will love it! Go ahead and have fun!

Your in-laws could cause some minor disagreements within your relationship. You might blame your partner for his family’s interference in your personal affairs. Pay attention to the terms you may use or create an explosive situation. You will indeed undergo the incidences of Mars which establishes an electric atmosphere whose consequences can prove to be unfortunate. Therefore, use restraint in presenting your point of view and avoid escalating the situation.

You would have strong evidence that the effort you put in is worth enough to make you feel healthy. Your way of seeing things from this moment on would fill you with security so as not to let your life be put aside. Health would be on the table for you.

Today is a great day to remove the cobwebs from your mind. A lot has probably happened lately and you feel the need to relax and rewind. Don’t pressure yourself by scheduling too many obligations. You will feel better if you take care of yourself healthily and gently. If you can, take a restful nap or sit outside enjoying the air. You will feel good if you rest!

Clear your mind to release stress. Take breaks, go for a walk, and drink a little St. John’s Wort tea. It is a formidable anti-depression remedy. Also, add some raw vegetables to your diet which will provide you with a good dose of vitamins. They also promote digestion when eaten at the start of a meal. However, you are not afraid of any germs, which is good news, isn’t it?

Money and Luck
Your identity is the correct one to fight for the right thing when your money has stopped abruptly. After a series of contrary energies, you would finally find the right thing so that your money is protected, feel in rejoicing and find in the number seven the luck and fortune that will make your economy grow.

Will you be sad because of financial concerns that could well be unfounded? Was the money you expected late? Are you afraid that a certain necessary purchase is out of your reach? Don’t play things. It’s probably nothing you can’t handle with a little effort. Instead of obsessing over the situation, try to see it objectively. You will probably realize that not everything is as black as it seems.

Suddenly you could show yourself a bit uncontrolled, possibly new challenges of which you do not know how to proceed to solve, confront you before yourself and make you feel that your responsibility is useless. However, from this moment on, you would have the opportunity to make your life feel better at work with Leo on your side.

You are susceptible to criticism, and today you will need to protect yourself a little. At work, there will be some disagreements, and it will be easy to get caught in the crossfire. You don’t have to get involved if you can stay out of it. Try to stay out of the battlefield and stay positive. With a little effort, you can stay calm and focused.

Your financial situation will be one of your first concerns today, regardless of the number that appears on your bank statement. For those in a fragile situation, it won’t turn out to be a fear of ending the month in the red or not being able to offer what they need to their loved ones. Some will be affected by an external event, such as falling performance or losing a job. To bounce back on a healthy basis, listen to the opinions of those around you and get advice from an expert.

Family and Friends
Your social life monopolizes you a little too much. Sometimes you would like to stay at home and curl up under the duvet. But you feel compelled to respond to requests from your friends and invite them back. You have the right to skip your turn for once. Stay at home, find the batteries and take the opportunity to do a little cleaning. On the family side, the advice of your loved ones irritates you, they interfere a little too much in your life for your taste. Reassure them about your career intentions and they’ll drop the sneakers on you!