Leo Horoscope Today 21 April 2017, good for money investment

Leo Horoscope Today 21 April 2017, It is time to start taking a correct direction on what you want or do not do in the future, you are probably in the study period and this is presenting some difficulties, which is very helpful because it is always a difficult decision to take a So important way and give up another, but do not be afraid, since it is very possible if you fail to take another path later, remember that you are very young yet.

It is not a good day to make strong investments of money, nor to spend on luxury things, you should not incur in unscheduled expenses today.

Do not be afraid to experience new things with the person you love, if you propose something that seems strange to you, but that will bring you closer, do it without thinking.

Due to the retrograde action of Mercury when entering your element of fire surrounds you a true swarm of false news. When someone alarmist or gossip approaches you with a story of something just before you give credit learn very well.

Today social media is a double-edged sword and most of the things you read about them are not true. Do not let a gossip, a false news or a plot alien to your life complicate you. When you hear something that may disturb you find out before you start worrying, most of the occasions are false and malicious information.

Leo Horoscope Today 21 April 2017 Predictions, Health, Love, Work and Luck

The Moon is passing through Aquarius, which is your opposite sign, and the planet Mercury enters retrograde in Aries. In addition, the planets Jupiter and Saturn continue retrograde. Thanks to the intelligent nature of your Leo sign you will dispel doubts and now everything around you flourishes in love. The explanations of your partner will satisfy your desires and fulfill your expectations. You will see that your assumptions were unfounded.

This weekend propose to do something effective for your health and if the weather conditions allow you to try to get in touch with nature because it is what your Leo sign is most in need in this planetary cycle.

Everyone will appreciate you for your originality. Do something different in your work that breaks the routine. If you think of a good idea do not keep it to yourself, let it be known to those who can listen to it and take action, remember what I have often told you: it is not necessary to wait for things to go well to excite us, but rather we must get excited about everything to That works out well.

Money and Luck
It is time to be more thrifty, Leo, for your sign always tends to “the great,” to waste and exuberance. Be cautious, do not let commercial advertising make you buy what you do not need.

Leo 21 April 2017 Today’s lucky numbers: 2, 4, 7, 24, 25, 44.

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