Leo Horoscope Today Monday 1st May 2017

Leo Horoscope Today Predictions Monday 1st May 2017

If you are restless and do not know how you are going to say something delicate to your partner, expect a better moment because now you could be a little incongruous and talk inappropriate things.

Do not spoil your love affair with an ugly word. As for your work panorama in a few days Mercury will be direct and there is nothing to fear although there are layoffs, layoffs or work stoppages around you. Your ideas will generate money and unexpected income, but you will come very well. Love presents a youthful tone in your sentimental landscape.

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Leo Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

Congratulations! Finally you have achieved that goal that you have been facing for a long time. Everything points to success and progress. You must look at your future with much enthusiasm and optimism. There will be big changes in your life but all will be positive. They glimpse trips and expand your knowledge. Make the most of these energies.

If you have a partner, strong fights come. Both characters will collide and neither will want to give his arm to twist. The point is that one of you will have to show maturity at the moment and Leo, this time you will have to leave your pride aside if you want to keep the person you have with you. If you are feeling headaches, it is best not to self-medicate and go to a specialist as soon as possible or you may regret it later.

Take care of the weather, you will be a little bad these days with allergies or irritation in the nose, if you have a lot of discomfort it could get complicated, do not neglect with your health if you want to receive the quiet new year.

In your work / student environment there is a person you have attracted a lot for some time, wants something more than a friendship with you, the funny thing is that you will find out thanks to a friend in common, what tells you will be incredible, that person has said Things of how much you like it that you will feel something inflated of pride.

Your talent will be recognized and you are gradually given one of your great dreams thanks to your work and sacrifice.