Leo Horoscope Today Saturday 29 April 2017, Romantic Tone

Leo Horoscope Today Predictions Saturday 29 April 2017

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The lunar phase of this day envelops you with that romantic tone that helps you find what you once lost because of the little attention you gave him.

Mercury continues to be retrograde and there may be some setbacks that prevent you from doing things as planned, Leo.

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Possibly a management does not go as you expect, but you can turn it into a success with your personal touch. Take advantage of your social contacts to start an economic movement that can give you money in a short time, but do not be too fussy, not to frighten others.

In love there is news of someone who has not seen much, but who has continued thinking about you all this time.

Today you should not rely on first impressions. There are unexpected elements hidden beneath the surface of the things you might at first overlook, but you must discover at some point.

You may be tempted to deal with certain issues that require deep understanding. Open your eyes well so as not to lose detail of what is happening around you.