Leo Horoscope Today Sunday April 23, 2017

Leo Horoscope Sunday April 23, 2017: Everything will change in your favor

Do not let other people interfere with your relationship, you must begin to make your own decisions regarding the couple, do not allow them to persuade your partner to think that things between you are wrong.

The domestic problem that you had recently is being solved in a good way, so you can have the peace of mind that when you get home everything will be very good, do not worry about the details that you have to solve, they are smaller next to it That you had to face before.

A weekend that augurs the best now that you have to Mars direct in transit by the air element, very compatible with you that you are of fire. On this day there will be pleasant surprises in your circle of friends and anyone less suspicious will give you a gift that will excite you.

Chance is also auspicious. A warning, Leo: Avoid bringing to your present reality something that happened in the past and may have saddened you. It is not wise to open old wounds. You are now in a new beginning, a happy season in which there is no reason to be saddened by what could have happened and did not happen. Sometimes it’s better this way

It is not a serious problem the small conflict you will have with your partner today, it is likely that you have to forgive him very fast, do not be afraid to do it, it probably will not be repeated for much longer.

Leo Horoscope Today Love, Health Sunday April 23, 2017

Today the Moon is still in transit through Pisces. The planet Mars has begun its transit to the sign of Gemini, direct. The planets Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto continue retrograde. What you expect happens and starting this weekend and in preparation for the month of May you put order in your feelings and you project in a direct and positive way in love reaping everything you have sown in the past.

Remember, Leo, that we can always start at any time and the worst thing you could do is give up if you have re-committed to some bad health habit that you thought you had eradicated from your life. Make your willpower work that can do everything!

This weekend, if you do not have a job, channel your energy so that you can concentrate and search for what interests you so much on the Internet as in interviews and personal management that will give you much success at this stage.

Money and Luck
Money issues are not as serious as you thought so, Leo, soon you will have in your hands the money you need and you will be able to invest it in the best way in these coming days of the month of May that is on the doorstep.

Leo Horoscope Today Sunday April 23, 2017 lucky numbers: 6, 15, 17, 20, 21, 47.

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