Leo Horoscope Today Wednesday 29th December 2021

You would feel very great energy within you, that would not make you doubt that it would be a day that you would keep making your instinct, much more alert than before. You would meet every goal you set for yourself and this would be the full moon that would certainly suit you. Lean on her and express the best you have.

You would have gone through a series of somewhat uncomfortable situations, but that is not why you would stop doing the same, feeling that everything that comes would be a challenge and not a situation that keeps you at a disadvantage, for that it is as from this moment, you would let life surprise you with the energy of the sextile between Mercury and Neptune.

It is a good day for the transition from Gemini to Cancer to touch you in the best way, it means that possibly a person moves you with his situation and you begin to see things clearly for you. Now is an extraordinary moment, you would let everything turn as it should without fear of being wrong.

Don’t fall into the “poor me” trap today. When things don’t go the way you planned, or bad things happen to you, it’s very easy to fall into a victim mentality. Although we cannot control what happens around us and with us, we always have the possibility of managing things. Suffering is critical to the cure, but there are differences. Choose to move on, and insist on improving yourself.leo daily horoscope for today friday december 29th, 2021

A compilation of good times would be available to you, that is why you are definitely or not with a partner now, it would fill you with gratitude from all sides, making your energy feel much more equanimous than before. For this you have the sextile between Mercury and Neptune, wrap yourself in positive energy.

The day will go by in a hurry, and you’ll be in the mood for socializing as night falls. You could plan to go out with your partner and enjoy a spectacular night. Perhaps both of you want a change by planning to spend the weekend out of town. Lately, they have been somewhat trapped by routine, going to the same places, doing the same things. You will be inspired if you add something new to the picture.

Full of good energies that would positively make your energy rise from this moment, much better than you thought. For that it is like some juices, teas, or anything that cleanses your system, it would be a good decision today and always.

Today you will feel a sudden attraction to someone with whom you only had a friendly relationship until now, perhaps in connection with some kind of group activity. This may take you by surprise, as you have never seen that person with these eyes before. However, don’t rule it out. If this person shares your feelings, he thinks clearly about the situation. Maybe this attraction is promising!

Money and Luck
Your mistakes would no longer be relevant at least during the following days, it means that no matter how much you had to put pressure on yourself, there would be no need, your finances would now be the perfect opportunity to invest without a doubt at a time where everything seemed upside down. With the number nine in the regency, it would be much better.

You may find out from the local newspapers or magazines about possible renovations planned for your community. These changes can generate controversy, so don’t be surprised if you hear a lot of rumors and opinions on the subject, both for and against. You may decide to dig deeper into the facts before forming your own opinion. It can be an enriching experience!

You would respond as a great to any adversity that now looms at work. Some people would have little faith in you, but you, with such prosperous energy, would help you persist in something that you have put on hold. Let life surprise you properly so that everything is simply filled with positive energy with the full Moon in front of you.

The topic of the day is collaboration. You will work better if you team up with someone helpful. Maybe you work with a colleague and fix a project together. Combined efforts will make problem identification and resolution easier. Sometimes you need a partner’s encouragement to get you excited. So don’t silently suffer if you need help.

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