Leo Horoscope Tomorrow

Your 10th house in the sign of Gemini has the presence of the Sun, your ruling luminary; and that will bring you many facilities for expression, communication and business where you will have your good image and strong personality on your side that will generate better living conditions and significant advances in the way of creating contacts and friendships, this being a great achievement for you and recognition of your personal and human growth.

It is possible that at times during the day you are going to have outbursts of anger or feel emotionally heavy that you do not know where it comes from, since it will be your 12th house acting through the sign of Cancer that has the disastrous energy of Mars in fall.


The best thing you can do is be aware of this and seek to let those emotions go by and focus on what you are doing and do not give them importance because doing so could take away your energy and affect you at some level of your life.

The presence of Jupiter in your 7th house in the sign of Pisces tells us that positive emotions, love and affection will be very present today with your partner, so you can enjoy that love they have during the day in different circumstances and various ways of expression; this is going to keep your bond strong and with a lot of love building between you two.

The presence of Uranus in Taurus from your 9th house is a good opportunity to take advantage of this mental impulse in those subjects that you want to delve into in your studies, since you will be able to have an objective and very broad mentality of what you are learning and you will be able to put it to use and manifest it properly in your day.

You could see today the extent of your power of persuasion. You have often tended to underestimate the power of your words. Your arguments can have a very profound impact on others. Don’t overdo it. On the contrary, try to better understand your strong points to obtain even greater efficiency!

The Fortune over Capricorn in your 5th house tells us that today the activities focused on reaching your goals and the disciplines and routines that you have imposed on yourself to achieve it will be especially productive and satisfying, generating in you a lot of affection and love for what you do and where you go. you are taking the work on yourself.

A beehive vibe at work makes you nervous and horny. Unless it’s the new colleague who gives you a new taste for work? It’s so nice to feel him close to you, hunched over a folder… Ouch! Your professional results are flourishing and we understand why! What a pleasure to seduce by shining with all your fire and all your skills. In any case, as long as there is air conditioning!

You are possibly going to present some nervous affectations caused by the planet Pluto over Capricorn that will seek to take your mind to the most basic and relaxed that you can be. However, it will be difficult for you because you want to express your will and your passions but this planet will put a brake on you and this could be manifested in a headache or migraine; do not seek to go against it and better relax when necessary and thus with a fresher mind you can continue on the path towards your goals.

You have a rebel soul today. Well-meaning speeches are too much for you, established rules seem useless to you in solving most evils. It is your only law that you want to obey. An outlaw’s law… The day is ideal for forging new beliefs and charting your course off the beaten track. Save energy for the future; the fight has only just begun.

Saturn in Aquarius from your 6th house will inform us that you are likely to have a day where you will pay close attention to the recommendations and advice that people with more experience than you in your work will be instructing you so that you can be much more productive and practical in your work. Pay attention to what they tell you and you will see how you advance by leaps and bounds in the results you need thanks to the help of these older people.

No you are not at the cinema, it is indeed your life. You may not believe your eyes, but you can definitely say goodbye to austerity. A little pleasure in your world of work, responsibility and, it must be said, seriousness, will do you no harm. This day could well make you change your point of view on life.

You will be able to take advantage of your social relationships that you have created in the clubs you attend because the attention and the way in which you offer your services are of high quality and with a lot of attention to detail, this will attract you many good opportunities. business and new clients because your 2nd house in Virgo connects with your 11th house in Gemini.

There is a good chance that this day will happen for you surrounded by children. If you don’t have one yourself, you could be helping family or friends by babysitting! Far from being a chore, you will be surprised at the good contact you will establish with them. But do not forget that a little firmness is essential not to be, very quickly, completely overwhelmed!