Leo Horoscope Tuesday April 4, 2017 do not be discouraged by any setback

Leo Horoscope Tuesday April 4, 2017 Change your reality

You have a strong psychic aura that can help you to earn money in bad luck. Follow those hunches and do not be discouraged by any setback. In love matters there is a tendency to want to discuss and clarify situations that you have been misinterpreting recently because you are somewhat disoriented by emotions encountered.

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Do not act on impulsive reactions because this would cause you difficulties with your partner and friends. The best? Listen, control yourself and then decide what you are going to do, but with the head less hot.

Leo Love Horoscope Tuesday April 4, 2017

Today Tuesday the Moon is still in Cancer and the planets Venus and Jupiter are retrograde. We are in the fourth crescent phase of the Moon. Be on guard against extremes and hypersensitivity. If you get carried away by jealousy, those negative emotions would prevent you from reasoning properly and would damage your relationship. Do not take false steps or raise accusations guiding you by appearances.

Leo Health Horoscope Tuesday April 4, 2017

The inner restlessness translates into organic problems. To feel good in health you must start by solving your worries and anxieties. Once you put order in your mind your body will respond very well to treatments.

Leo Work Horoscope Tuesday April 4, 2017

Do not let a somewhat unpleasant encounter with a co-worker get you out of your squares. Do not give in to those aggressive impulses because the only person harmed would be you. Keep your education and serenity, so you will not damage your health or question your reputation.

Leo Money and fortune Horoscope Tuesday April 4, 2017

Your intuition is sharply tuned and you are likely to receive stimulating news associated with a business that you had dreamed of and become a reality. Chance is favored. Follow your inspirations, Leo.


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