Leo Horoscope in Urdu Thursday 22nd February 2018

Leo Horoscope in Urdu Thursday 22nd February 2018

The impact of the Sun will prove all the more positive for your conjugal loves as it will form several harmonic configurations with other planets. Life for two will be pleasant, your spouse bringing you tenderness and support.

Single, this aspect of the Sun will favor friendship more than love. But it will not displease you, you who take nothing so much as the harmony of mind and body. Perhaps you will even today tend to confuse intellectual or spiritual exchanges with crazy embraces.

Uranus and Neptune will be in your money sector. Their negative combinations can destabilize your budget balance, putting you face to face with unforeseen and hard-to-avoid expenses or misunderstanding with your creditors or debtors.

With Mars in this aspect, it will be difficult to find you tired or discouraged, and your immune defenses will be at their highest level.

If you come out of a long illness, recovery will be easy and much faster than expected.

You can carry out a major project, or freely express your creativity.

If your entourage seeks to criticize your achievements, you may react very violently.

The astral climate will favor family life, especially relations between different generations.

But if you receive members of your family, “do not make the door bigger than the house” that is to say that it will not be necessary to make follies at the florist, the baker or the restorer, the too much great detriment of your purse.leo daily horoscope in urdu 22 february 2018

Social life
You will criticize your attitude, you will be accused of being too happy or too sure of yourself. Examine objectively your conduct: perhaps one is right, perhaps your detractors act out of jealousy.

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