Leo in January 2019

Leo in January 2019 | Love, Career, Health, Money and Luck Monthly Horoscope

January for the Leo horoscope, it will be a month of personal pleasure. The most important thing will be: work, social life, love, health and image. Lucky numbers for January: 2-3-4-5-12-13-15-16-21-22-30-31.

Leo Horoscope love January 2019
In January you transmit love and you give love. You are in a period of sentimental happiness. You will feel in love and you will give to your partner, filling her with details and affection. You will really feel that you are with the right person and you will feel loved and pampered.leo horoscope in january 2019

Leo Horoscope money January 2019
Of money you will be very well! You will not have to worry. Already last month you entered a stage of abundance, which continues this month and this will continue like this. You could even receive a salary increase, with which your day to day would improve considerably.

Leo Horoscope work January 2019
Your work will go very well, but it will be a year of great labor and professional changes. You could change your company or job position within the same company. This will be like a very important promotion for you. The first days of the month, you could receive a new proposal for a very lucrative job. And the rest of the month of January, you could receive several. If you’re out of work, do not worry, because you’ll have a choice.

Leo Horoscope social life January 2019
Social life will be huge in January and you will begin to offer a new image and a personality more suited to the type of person you want to be. In the period of the two eclipses (5 and 21) you will feel very strong that need to show that other image you want to give. People love you, because you are attentive and thoughtful and this will increase your popularity. Everyone will invite you to their homes, because they will also want to correspond with you.

Leo Horoscope home and family January 2019
January will be a month in, at home everything will remain the same. The calm, the harmony will be something sought by all the members of the family and this will take away your worries and bring you peace. It is your haven of peace and tranquility, where you feel good and where you rediscover yourself and rest. Dialogue and mutual support will be fundamental. Pleasant and basic family meals, to catch up and enjoy good food.

Leo Horoscope health January 2019
Health will be good but you will be very affected by the two eclipses: day 6 solar and day 21 lunar (in America they are given a day later). Stay home those days, rest, do not play sports and drive the least, to avoid accidents. You will also feel the need to cleanse yourself, to look for the right diet, to detoxify and to lose weight and you will also change your image. You will want to be handsome, interesting and perfect. So you could change your wardrobe, makeup and haircut … If you practice Meditation, Yoga … You will take it in another way and you will understand that you should practice it in another way.

Leo Horoscope studies January 2019
In January you will resume your studies and although slowly, you will start up again. Then you will pick up the rhythm and go after your goals, without forgetting the social life. You will be attracted by spiritual readings, quantum physics, epigenetics, relaxation techniques, transgenerational … That will be your escape valve to relax your head.

By Mary Emma

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