Leo in November 2018 Monthly Horoscope

Leo in November 2018 Monthly Horoscope

This month of November for the Leo horoscope, the most important thing will be: family, money, love, social life. Lucky numbers for November: 1-2-4-9-10-14-15-19-20-27-28.

Leo love November 2018
Love improves considerably. Your partner will be super affectionate with you and you will be delighted with their attentions and efforts, which will do to be right with you. You will be more romantic and affectionate. If you are single, you will attract the opposite gender and invitations and flirting will not be lacking.

Leo money November 2018
Of money you will be very well! You have no problems with money and this month, you will earn with your investments during the first fortnight. The 2nd fortnight is not so clear. Money will come to you through your relationships. You will do business while having fun. You could play the Lottery at the end of the month, on the 29th and 30th. Try it!

Leo work November 2018
Your work will continue well, but changes are coming and you feel it. You must think well about your goals and the strategy to take, before moving on to action. The 2nd fortnight will go better than the 1st and next month, you will be better still. Analyze, reflect and plan everything well, to be more successful. You will be extremely creative and if you work on design issues, you will have interesting ideas.

Leo home and family November 2018
The most important thing of the month is still your family. You need, that everyone is well, for you to be well. That’s where you get your emotional balance. When there is peace in your house, you will have stability and you will feel happy. The work will go even better when you achieve emotional balance.

Leo social life November 2018
It is a month in which you will want to have fun and you will not miss occasions to go out, celebrate and laugh. Social life and relationships are your escape valve and help you balance and release negative energy.

Leo health November 2018
Health will be good and you will have energy for everything. You will feel strong. During the last week of the month, you will feel full of strength and you will be happy to be able to cover everything. You will have to maintain your diet if you want to be thin, because with all the social life you will do, it will be very difficult to maintain your ideal weight.

Leo studies November 2018
In November the studios will march fantastically. Your will to take outstanding results is there and you will devote your body and soul to study. The results are going to be great.

By Mary Emma

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