Leo Love Horoscope Today

Leo Love Today Horoscope Predictions

The Moon continues in Gemini and so is the planetoid Ceres that today enters that sign. The planets Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto remain retrograde. Today there is a love of the past turning your head and you must be very careful not to complicate your present situation with situations of confrontation or memories that cause jealousy or scenes of lawsuits with your partner. As long as you are prudent, and you know how to be prudent when you propose it, you will have no difficulty.

Today you will enjoy intellectual activity. You love submitting your mind to challenging puzzles. You may be investigating a philosophy that will fill you with exciting ideas. You might read about it, or discuss it with someone. You could enjoy exploring topics that interest you. Find a partner who likes intense discussions. Share a drink and hold a stimulating chat, or invite this person to dinner.leo love today

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday ...
Leo Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 4th August 2022

Today you will be busy with many family responsibilities. You will have to carry out some paperwork or tasks for your parents. Or you will need to buy some things for your children.

You will find yourself running from one side to the next, crossing your list of things to complete the completed procedures. It will be beneficial to finish all things now, even if you do not have time for yourself. Tomorrow you will have it!

It is time to clarify the feelings you have and to whom you have them, because you may feel somewhat confused, not really knowing if you are happy with your partner, or if you have interest towards your best friend or friend, with whom you have felt lately Very comfortable, you need to be firmer and clearer with yourself.

Today is not a bad day. It can be a beautiful day or at least pleasant and in which you begin to see the light at the end of a long tunnel because the one you are passing.

That light in love is at the end of that tunnel, but of course first you have to walk through it towards the end.

The advice of the stars today is that you are still walking, although you are not seeing all the results that you would like.

Leo’s absolute power in love, make all people at some point in their life experience what it feels like to be devoured by an insatiable lion in zeal, with his strength, his impetus and his control over everything that happens in the relationship. It is incredible to feel the power of a Leo in your home, establishing a relationship with strong ties, or in your bed, having an indomitable beast that will surely make you fly to other worlds you have not known until now.

The conquest. To conquer a Leo, all you have to do is give him the power, make him believe that he has complete control of the relationship, that he is in charge and that what he says is done, on the floor and in the bed; Having him in the position of superiority gives Leo the satisfaction and excitement enough to drive you crazy with your love skills and intimate relationships.

A lion will always seek much weaker prey than him, and if we speak in zodiacal terms, anyone is an easy prey for the king of signs, for the brighter star, for the golden house par excellence, where lust is an indispensable requirement When it comes to sitting on your bed to wait for the magic to happen and to start the fun and the mess.

To conquer a lion you must put aside your prejudices and leave it while strutting with you as a prize, all under the lines of respect, while showing all your other lions or friends what you have just caught are his sharp claws and will soon have Between his strong legs living a night of intense passion and that possibly after, will become a perfect pair. You should always keep a profile a little lower than that of the lion, otherwise you will not get anywhere with this person.

How they behave. The Leo behave as a wild lion is expected to do, with all the power of his strong paws and sharp fangs, ready to catch any unprepared prey and take her trapped by her lovely eyes for a spin in the sky, the Heaven of the passion, since at the moment of having intimate relations the lions give themselves to their partner completely.

They like to be taken care of, and if you want a lion to make you extremely happy in bed, you must do what you know that you like, attend it for a moment exclusively, will make your great kindness allow you to enjoy a romantic sexual adventure with a real Lover, one who has no problem with biting and burying his claws if that makes him happy and if he knows it will make you scream with pleasure.