Leo Monthly Horoscope February 2017

Leo Horoscope February 2017 and its predictions

This month of February Leo, the most important thing will be your rethinking of life, you will change your image and define your identity. Lucky numbers: 3-20-24.

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Leo love February 2017

In love depends depends! If you control your nerves, if you are affectionate, if you share your ideas and become your accomplice … You will do very well. But if you get on the edge and scream, I do not know what could happen in a month with two eclipses so explosive for you.

Leo job February 2017

At work, there is nothing dismal. You will continue with your routine and with much work. If you have to present a job or make a decision or attend a major meeting. Try to avoid the 10th and the 26th. You could do something inconvenient and negative for you.

I read money February 2017

You’ll be fine with money. No problem, but you should not squander. Do not get carried away by the folly of the Sale or you will regret it.

Leo family February 2017

Watch out for your family! Danger of accidents due to eclipses. Do not let anyone travel or do anything active on days 10 and 26. So you avoid risk. Your house may have breakdowns, breaks and arguments because of nervousness.

Leo health February 2017

Important! The most important thing will be your psychological part, because you are going to transform. The cause will be the two eclipses of days 10 and 26. You will change your image, style and personality. You’re going to redefine yourself. An incident related to death will make you reflect and change your scale of values.

All this will make you evolve and you will change. You are going to want to give another image of yourself and your personality. In itself your health will be good. You will need a purifying and slimming diet if you think you need it.

Leo studies February 2017

If you are a student you will want to change your teacher or center or curriculum. If you are an adult, you will want to expand your knowledge.