Leo Monthly Horoscope for April 2021

This April for Leo will be prosperous and successful. The most important thing will be work, money, and love. The lucky numbers for April: 1-2-3-4-10-11-20-21-29-30.

The benefactor energy plasma of the last two months is fading, although it will still contribute, by inertia, for a couple of weeks positive things, especially in professional activity and business, as well as relationships.leo april 2021 monthly horoscope

The moon is on the 23rd. During the next three or four days you may feel altered, possibly due to stress accumulated by work issues and by different situations already described in the sections of the month. You are going to experience very realistic and pessimistic dreams. For 10 days, starting on the 22nd, avoid conferences or public leadership.

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Love improves noticeably in April. If you are in a couple, everything flows and works between you. Your partner will be more affectionate than ever and will be very aware of you. This improves the relationship. You will be more at home alone, in the intimidated one or you will go out alone to dinner… If you are single, this means that at the end of the month, the opposite gender will follow you and you will stop going out with each other. You could start an interesting love relationship.

An intimate friendship from the past may appear, before meeting your current partner. That friendship will most likely be of the opposite gender to yours. Part of the reason for this contact may be related to a proposal for a matter for which that person considers you exceptional. If you are a man; Your partner, even if he says nothing and smiles, is not going to be comfortable, and it could lead to countless problems. You will have to see how you solve it. If you are a woman; the situation will be similar, but with some difference to comment on. It is likely that the man who reappears in your life would have been in love with you although at that time he could not or knew how to express it, and that this is still an open question. On the other hand, your partner will not take it as “seriously” as you, unless he sees some detail that changes his perspective. Thus, you will also have to see how you solve it.

social life1
Social life will be lively as always. You will be delighted to go out again and meet your friends again. Walks in the open air, in the Sun, laughter and good company.

The best of the month will be your profession. You are going to receive a very good offer from a foreign company or abroad. The truth is that it is very tempting and you will be tempted to choose it. You are traveling abroad for a job interview and to see up close what the offer is about and see what the company is like. From the 20th, success comes to your professional life. You couldn’t have imagined it. The recognition and congratulations also come.

Very complicated month to find a job or change companies. It is better to plan the actions to be carried out in May since the conditions are more favorable. Without news, if you already have a permanent job, although it is recommended not to cloud the atmosphere with discussions.

Money and Luck
With the money, you will be fine. Your success in legal matters, if you are going to have a trial you will win it or if you are waiting for a verdict, they will fail in your favor. From the 20th you will earn more money. They could give you a raise or a bonus at your job, and you will also be lucky in the Game and investments. Your parents could give you some extra money, which would make you feel very happy. If you have money to invest, do it on the first days of the month.

The period is maintained with continuous activity and quite acceptable results. The high-tech sector will take the cake in terms of profits, although almost all sectors will perform well. The least fortunate are purely administrative.

Your health will be fine but the energies a little low. The usual advice when this happens to you is that you try to rest more, to recover. From the 20th, you will feel stronger. The important thing is that you have high self-esteem and your optimism makes you see the positive side of everything. Propensity to heavy digestion and acidity problems.

Family and Friends
Your health will be fine. Throughout the month, you will breathe calm and well-being in your home. You will feel calm at home, resting, ordering, cooking… Family meals are fun and conversations are interesting. You love having them all at home and exchanging ideas.

Study and exchange
Good month for studying, you keep studying at a good pace. Higher studies this month will be great for you. You will concentrate easily and your ability to understand and concentrate will be unbeatable. If you do not master the language, it is time to jump right in, because you are going to need them. No matter how old you are, you will continue to evolve spiritually. It is with Meditation where you find the answers to what you are looking for.