Leo Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Leo Monthly Horoscope for August 2018

Leo Horoscope August 2018 and its predictions
This month of August for the Leo horoscope, power to make changes. The most important thing is work, money, physical transformation. Lucky numbers for August: 1-2-3-4-5-10-11-14-15-19-20-29-30.

The love will be fine. No changes or shrillness. If you have a partner, the relationship flows and you are balanced and harmonious. If you are single, you will live the summer your way: beach, friends, parties, girls/boys.leo monthly horoscope august 2018

You will be fine money! But the money will come late and you will have a lack of liquidity. It’s a passenger, do not worry. Do not let that lower your self-esteem. The last week, the money improves a lot and you start a stage where the money will not be a problem for you.

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If you work as an employee, follow the changes in the company in which you work. But they directly affect you little. You will continue with your daily work, calm and happy because even if your work changes, it is still positive for you.

Family Life
In your home and with your family, it is where you find your emotional balance. You need to be well at home, to feel balanced and well.

Social Life
It is a month in which accidents and misfortunes can happen due to the solar eclipse of the 11th. To some friend or coworker or boss … People close to you, something could happen to you and it will affect you a lot.

Health will be good, but the solar eclipse of day 11 will have a strong effect on you. You are still shaping your image and your personality. You have not finished yet and summer, with all the extras that we all do, does not contribute to maintaining the line. It is the ideal month to lose weight and for cleansing diets. The truth is that you will be beautiful, with lots of energy and you will have a lot of charisma. People will be enthralled with you.

Study and Education
If you are a student, you will be calm. Rest time, which you will take advantage of to read and disconnect from your obligations.