Leo Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Leo Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Leo love August 2020
Venus unfortunately comes after you after August 8th and therefore it will not be easy to face a sentimental problem that has not been solved in the past. In the first 7 days of the month, with the support of the planet of love, you can certainly find a good tune, better understand what you have to do, but then you will be forced to face some tests, in some cases even consistent ones.

If they are lonely hearts, adventures happen, but if in the last few months a great love has not come, then even under this sky something so interesting cannot come.leo august monthly horoscope 2020

If you settle for erotic adventures, then all is well with a magnificent Mars in trine that offers an exceptional erotic charge but the true feelings are absent and it will not be easy to demonstrate to a person how you feel about them. From the 6th to the 21st of August, Mercury in his sky, however, improves at least the dialogue with his partner.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3, will touch the VII House of Leo, which for couples experiencing strong disagreements, or crisis of coexistence, can represent the end of the relationship.

However, for those who are in tune, the lunar event encourages you to reflect on the future of the relationship, common goals, and how to project yourself into the future.

Do not forget that Neptune is retrograde in the House VIII of the lion, so it is essential to put your feet on the ground and examine the factors that affect trust in relationships with family and partners.

Keep in mind that when the planet of the deep (Neptune) goes into retrograde, our perspective of reality may not be the most accurate, and we may blame others for responsibilities that belong to us.

Another aspect to consider, during August 2020, is the entry of Venus into the XII House of Leo, which points to the reunion with loves from the past. Avoid idealizing the object of your affections (Neptune retrograde in House VIII), or getting involved in relationships with committed people.

We can also interpret the presence of Venus in the House XII of the lion, as the opportunity to recap past love experiences, from personal growth (settle accounts with yourself).

Note: the asteroid Eros will enter this location (House XII of Leo) on 07/12, so love attraction to an old passion can be a difficult trap to avoid, for the senses of Leo’s sons and daughters.

Last but not least, remember that the North Node is kept in the XI House of Leo, and you can take advantage of it both to connect with your dreams, as well as to meet new people, join associations, support humanitarian causes, and request advice from your dearest friends, in moments of confusion.

Leo work and money in August 2020
In the professional field, perhaps you have not been able to finish everything and while you go on vacation you realize that something had to be arranged better but you still have a good opportunity for August 21 since Mercury will be in your heaven and will certainly bring ideas, Courage, more confidence and also a good predisposition to work with other people.

Of course, some extra profit comes around the first week with Venus in sextile with her native Sun but if you are looking for a job then you don’t go on vacation, study, get ready and organize interviews and meetings for the second part of September.

Some new idea is born in your fervent mind also thanks to Mercury and not only to Mars but here it is about being much more aware than in the past and with Saturn who will soon oppose you have to mature a lot and avoid superfluous and useless expenses.

On August 19, Mercury will enter the House II of Leo, an astrological position that speaks of the interest in diversifying sources of income and increasing the volume of business and investments.

The fact that Sol enters this location (Casa II de Leo), on 08/22, indicates that the native can receive significant resources, which he will know how to manage wisely, thanks to the influence of Mercury.

However, keep in mind that the planet of communication (Mercury) in House II of Leo, will star in opposition with retrograde Neptune in House VIII (08/30), an event that can cause friction in the family (or with a partner ), due to economic issues or inherent to the common heritage.

At the workplace level, let’s remember that Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are retrograde in the VI House of the lion, which aims to face the limiting beliefs that hinder professional expansion, through a process of internal transformation and recognition of fears.

This trend will be reinforced with the beginning of the retrograde of Uranus in Taurus (08/15), a planetary movement that drives you to create new structures for your career, starting from the grassroots.

Perhaps you are immersed in a process of professional reinvention, or your company must change the operational framework, due to present circumstances. If you avoid resistance to change, you will get interesting opportunities for success.

Because we are talking about the apparent setback of the planet of change, this restructuring may not occur overnight but may give you the time to go with them.

Another astrological aspect to consider, during August 2020, are the squares that Mars will hold in the IX House of Leo, with Pluto (08/13) and Saturn (08/24) retrograde in the VI House.

These alignments involve the delay of scheduled trips, international operations, publications, web launches, and academic efforts. Don’t get carried away by reactivity, and take the extra time as a blessing, to review details and rethink your approach to the problem.

On the other hand, students of the sign will be favored by the trigone between Mars in House IX and the Sun (08/16) and Mercury (08/17) in Leo. Both aspects promote a sense of certainty in the chosen career and security in the face of challenges.

It is worth noting that, with the mentioned trigons, the leonines will have the opportunity to analyze their expansion plan, and build personal objectives, taking into account their true wishes.

Note: from 04 to 19 August Mercury will pass through Leo, favoring new initiatives, presentation of ideas, dissemination of creative projects, and participation in professional refresher courses. Don’t let prejudice limit opportunities.

Leo luck August 2020
The general climate is not bad. Venus positive for the first seven days and then excellent Mercury until August 21. Certainly that Jupiter in Capricorn does not help and thinking about getting something from the destination is crazy but if you are thinking about taking a trip then the period is excellent.

The energies are many and must be exploited to be in the midst of people, to show others their warmth, altruism, generosity that perhaps lately you have neglected. Do not underestimate a casual encounter during a short trip because it could indicate the birth of a great love or a very important future work collaboration.

But be careful not to overdo it with dangerous sports or with too brave attitudes, especially if you are very old, that is, you are not that young anymore. Few really lucky events and all that comes is the fruit of hard work done in recent months.

From August 04 to 19, Mercury will be visiting the Leo sign, a transit that promotes the organization of the mental plane, from the perspective of how to make yourself known, present ideas, and showcases your skills and talents.

If the sequence of these thoughts is not managed constructively, it can generate emotional tension in the native, as well as feelings of anxiety and stress.

Recall that Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are retrograde in the VI House of the lion, so the labor issue may cause the natives to abandon personal care, due to internal and external pressure.

The fact that Venus enters the XII House of Leo, on 08/07, favors the practice of forgiveness, meditation, and self-compassion as tools to cultivate internal balance and detach from old beliefs.

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