Leo Monthly Horoscope for December 2020

Leo Monthly Horoscope for December 2020

This month of December for Leo will be happy. The most important thing will be family, health, friends, and love. The lucky numbers for December: 2-3-5-6-13-14-15-22-23-24-25-.

Therefore, it is recommended to allocate December for rest, relaxation, and recovery. Focus on your inner world, dreams, and fantasies. Then you may quickly find answers to the doubts that have been bothering you for a long time.leo monthly horoscope for december 2020

Remember about the people older than you in your family, and parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles. A certain person that you have known in the past will now appear in your life and cause considerable confusion. Now you will spend most of your free time on memories, visiting places where you have not been for a long time, and meeting relatives.

In professional matters, there will be a stabilization period. Try to control the situation all the time, but don’t keep coming up with new ideas, especially when you’re not 100 percent sure of their effectiveness. The stars demand caution in many everyday matters.

It is in December that your inclination to eat and prepare meals will come to light. So, invite guests into your home so you can enjoy them together. And you need to be careful not to overeat, otherwise, abdominal pain will be inevitable and extra weight.

Love will be a critical issue for you, whether you are married or with a partner. You are going to get into an extreme relationship crisis, and you are going to consider separation or divorce if you are married. Only very solid couples will overcome this crisis. Despite the situation, you will try to be happy and live the moment as well as possible. You will get it? If you are single, you could meet the love of your life and spend a romantic Christmas. Go out and look for love.

Social Life
Social life will be as fun as possible. You will go out a lot, to see everyone before the Christmas Parties. You will decide to have fun and feel happy, go out with friends, and say goodbye to the year as God intended. Then you will see, what happens and how 2021 arrives. Each war in its own time !!!

The work will continue the same as last month, instability and adaptations. Most likely, everything will remain the same. It is not the most important thing this month. What has to happen will happen. We will see later, what the future holds for the year 2021.

Of money, you will be regular. The economy around you becomes unstable and troublesome. diversify your savings. Spend only what is essential. You have to be more thrifty. Do not leave them all in one bank. Your partner or husband could have serious money problems and you will have to help him.

Family and Friends
Your home and your family will be the center of your life. Despite the eclipse and the problems, you will feel happy about life, which you have. The solar eclipse on the 14th will directly affect you and your children if you have them. For a week before the eclipse and a week after, you could have an accident. Beware of cars and adventure sports. The tension and the existing planetary configuration will make you and your children consider many things, among them: change your image, your lifestyle, your personality, your friendships … Despite everything, you will live the Christmas Holidays, the happiest as possible going out and relating, with the most beloved people.

Your health will be good, during the 1st fortnight, from the last week of the month, you should take more care of yourself and not commit excesses. Beware of accidents! You could suffer an accident at home or in the car or motorcycle … The fact is that you are going to have a serious scare, which will make you consider the possibility of having died. This experience will make you philosophize on life and death. Most likely, you will change your scale of values.

If you are a student, you will do well. You manage to concentrate despite the instability in the curriculum. You will pass the exams and progress positively.

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