Leo Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

Leo Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

This month of January for Leo will be a good month. The most important will be: health, love, social life, and money. The lucky numbers for January: 1-2-3-4-9-10-18-19-23-24-28-29.

Noble and very passionate, Leo will shower you with attention if he considers you his love. Beware of betraying him, because he will not forgive you. He will treat you like a king or queen whom he serves and adores. With the Sun transiting Capricorn, his main concern will be in work matters and his health. He will feel that things are getting heavier and he must learn to ask for help.leo monthly horoscope january 2021

As for love, the transit of Venus, the planet of Love, brings it beneficial energy and possibilities for romance, seduction, and charm. He will feel a flowing surrender and the need to commit to that love that will awaken his optimism and confidence in the future together. Intimacy will be passionate and eroticism is guaranteed. Saturn also favors you to formalize the relationship in a more consolidated and genuine bond. At a family level, due to the intensity of Mars, some tensions and irritability will arise.

Leos will be in a position to enjoy their own essence. Jupiter and Mars, located in House V, will grant you security and brightness. January will be a very rich stage since many Leoninos will find new cumin, a sense that will be the engine of their triumphs. Successes that they will achieve, as always, by themselves. On the sentimental level, there will be romances and marriages about to take place and the end of the month will have them immersed in passion. The labor issue, for its part, will be very satisfactory for the children of the Sun.

Love will be romantic and pretty. If you are in a couple you will live it like this. Your level of complicity and well-being will be perfect between you. Your common goals will encourage you to continue fostering such a good relationship. Avoid fights, because your partner will be very aggressive and could be the cause of a big fight. If you are single, you will be enjoying your singleness. You love to seduce the opposite gender and have a lot of pending dates. You love social relationships.

Social Life
Social life will be very active. You will go out a lot because you like to socialize, exchange ideas and have fun. Your light attracts everyone and you are the center of your social gatherings. People are comfortable with you and you will receive many invitations. Beware of excesses! Measure the food and do not forget to burn everything you eat or you will gain weight.

The work will go well for you, but you will have to work hard and you will have to face your adversaries. You would have to be more aggressive at work so that no one steps on your ground. You may have to travel for work reasons. From the 18 to 21 do not travel abroad, because unpleasant problems will arise. You should postpone the trip.

It has the Sun almost the whole month in Capricorn and the brio of Mercury. It is astral energy that slows you down and behaves colder at work and business. During this period, he will have to solve some problems but using different strategies. Like everything in Astrology, this also has one goal: to examine your values and points of view. There is a stage that is closing and you will enter a different period, neither better nor worse; one that asks for greater adaptability.

During January, the activity that Leo will develop at the domestic level will take away his initiative for the professional field. Only the possibility of facing significant changes will awaken the enthusiasm of Leo. For that reason, they will do well to start them up and thus find motivations that will allow them to evolve. Annoyed by the pressures of Cancer, Leo will choose to withdraw no matter how many years of working together. Virgo’s support will be relevant since he will speed up the progress of both in search of the achievement of the objectives set.

Money and Luck
Of money, you will be fine. The economy will be fine, you don’t have to worry. Something unforeseen could appear, but do not worry, because your friends will help you if you ask them. The days 11-12-28-29-30 are going to be lucky days for you. Play some game of chance, because you could win a good amount of money.

Family and Friends
Your home and your family will be your sanctuary. Everything will work well and you will be delighted to find in your home, your corner where you can relax and enjoy your solitude and find inner peace. There is nothing remarkable about the members of your family. It seems everything works fine.

Your health will be your weak point throughout the year 2021, during January, you will have to take good care of yourself. The excesses, which you will have done during the Holidays, will take their toll on you and you will not feel well. You need to follow a strict diet, exercise daily, and dose at work. The level of stress that you will carry will affect your health and you will feel very tired. Prioritize and rest as much as you can, to combat stress and regain your strength and energy.

Very satisfactory results will be those that the lions will obtain from receiving decontracting massages, in some cases, and reducing massages, in others. The greatest benefits will be observed, obviously, in the mentioned topics, however, in parallel, blood circulation will be benefited and, with it, the oxygenation of cells and tissues. Towards the second part of January, Mars will enter the sign of Capricorn and could aggravate ailments of the bone system and generate skin disorders. The quick intervention of a specialist will immediately put these problems under control.

If you are a student, you will do well, if you manage to isolate yourself from the inconveniences, which Covid-19 creates for us. You will see how your classmates miss class for reasons of forty or contagion and it will be a bit difficult for you to abstract. Most of you will succeed and focus on your studies.

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