Leo Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

Leo Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

This month of July for Leo will be a good month, with the power to change your life, to be happy and live life. The most important thing will be money, spirituality, health. The lucky numbers for July: 1-2-10-11-12-13-20-21-28-29.

You will have to pay special attention around the 24th with the Full Moon, which will occur in your opposite sign, and which will show that you can have good personal relationships. To think that Mars will be in your sign until the end of July.leo monthly horoscope for july 2021

This transit is of enormous importance to you. This month, in addition, Venus will be positioned in your sign, so that you can count on the extraordinary energy of the conjunction Venus and Mars. If Mars is willpower and energy or courage, Venus represents diplomacy, harmony, and the power of seduction.

Interesting weapons that are effectively combined can give you wonderful results. In all the ways you count on your qualities that characterize you; magnetism, gift of command, and pride to all test. If you know how to take advantage of these gifts that you will enjoy, you will undoubtedly overcome the setbacks that may arise.

In love, it will go very well for you. You are going to be very pretty and you are going to shine with your own light. The grace with which you will fix yourself and your natural joy will attract the attention of the opposite gender. If you are single, this July you will seduce everyone with and it will be very easy for you to seduce and flirt with whoever you want. You could start a new relationship.

A period of four weeks that surely still sees them as protagonists of this zodiac. Yes, because Venus and Mercury are in your sky for many more days, and among other things, before the end of the month they will unite in your head, probably leading to a beautiful meeting, a new love, a very strong passion that cannot go unnoticed. Do not feed discussions with the partner, but rather facilitate the dialogue and improve the relationship by organizing a trip in which the passion must be overwhelming and without a doubt the center of the report.

With Jupiter who is not in Aquarius for the whole month, you will also have more luck if you want to recover a love relationship that has entered into crisis in the coming months and if this does not happen then here is that a possible separation will be less tragic. The seductive power allows lonely hearts to conquer anyone, but do not pretend the impossible of people.

Social Life
Social life will be through your friends forever. You want to have fun and pamper yourself. You want to do the activities that you feel like doing. You will not participate in everything, only what you really want and make you happy. In addition, your friends can introduce you to people, who may be interested in your work and can reach you, through them, new offers and opportunities.

Work and profession will go well this month. You will continue with your usual rhythm, without changes, without haste, but with constant progress.

If they have not yet made important decisions in the labor and economic sphere, perhaps this is the right time to think about how to do it, to think about what should be removed, discarded from their lives because it no longer serves to grow. A job that is too far from your expectations or a job that may have been beautiful and rewarding in the past but is now becoming less exciting.

You have to start working with passion and determination on new projects without having too many illusions but with your feet firmly planted on the ground because Jupiter will soon deceive you again and now that it is not in opposition for most of the month, it wants to make you understand this. Do not try to change a job if you are not sure what you want to do and do not invest money, especially large amounts of money, in collaborations, partnerships that cannot last too long. Attention.

Money and Luck
With the money, everything will be fine. Opportunities and unexpected cash inflows are going to arise suddenly and your life will improve. Your quality of life will be stable and comfortable. Thanks to your contacts, your economy will improve. You could sell some real estate, which would provide you with a lung of oxygen, to live in peace. You will have a good intuition for investments.

Many planets are with you for many days. Even Mars is in your sky until July 30 and with Venus present until the 23rd, it will form a conjunction that according to the stars could bring a fantastic event to life. To speak of an extremely fortunate period is obviously a utopia because Jupiter will soon be in opposition while Saturn is already opposed by the zodiac sign Aquarius.

What is now important to do in your life and the current situation is to recover all possible energies, both mental, physical, and spiritual, because soon you will have to fight and without strength, you will be defeated. In the meantime, enjoy a month full of rewarding little events that are not life-changing but give those little gems of serenity absolutely helpful to move forward with optimism. For many of you, the time has come to be generous only to those who deserve your altruism.

Your health will be good. You improve a lot compared to the previous month, your energy levels increase and you will feel much more willing to do everything. But it will be a month to pamper yourself, give you massages, go to the beauty salon, for a set-up and buy clothes. Pleasure above all! Relaxing therapies such as Tai Chi, Chi kung, Yoga would suit you very well.

Family and Friends
In your home, you will feel very comfortable. You need that shelter, that harmony, and emotional stability, that you need so much and that your home provides you. Your relatives are fine and supportive.

An intense month in the studies, in Spain we are having final exams and no distraction is worth it. Besides, you are going to feel the call of spirituality and you are going to read a lot about it, you are going to attend courses, seminars.

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