Leo Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

Leo Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

The Leo Horoscope for March will be extrasensory development. The most important thing will be social life, work, money, and your great magnetism. Lucky numbers for March: 6-7-14-15-17-18-23-24-25.

March will be a little dangerous month for love. Your relationship may have fights and discussions. You will not agree and there will be discrepancies. Watch carefully, because if you don’t control your strong character, you could end up breaking. If you see it coming, you can avoid it. If you are single, you will have fewer appointments than usual.leo monthly horoscope for march 2020

Money and Luck
The money will be good for you! Prosperity will visit you and your economy will be very good. Especially the week from 10 to 16 you will be lucky with money and with investments. If you have money, it is the ideal time to invest, because your intuition will be infallible.

Your work and your profession will be great. Your creativity and imagination will be enormous, which means that your work will be original and very fruitful. You will succeed and they will recognize your worth. The week from 6 to 9 you will have a big surprise in your work and profession. It is in environments where there are foreigners, a very good professional opportunity will arise. You like them and they will love you working with them.

Social Life
Social life will be excellent. You will be the center of all parties and meetings. You shine with your light and everyone will want to invite you and be with you. You will not do anything special, to be, but despite yourself, you will be the center. The week from 6 to 9 you will succeed socially. The environments in which there are foreigners are made for you because you connect well with them and they like you. You could travel abroad.

The family and home will be fine, it is not a month for which you have to worry about the family. Everyone attends to their responsibilities and you can do your thing.

Your health will be regulated more than anything by your low energy. You will lack the strength to cover everything and that will put you in a bad mood. Try to be good with your partner, otherwise, you will somatize and get sick. Walk, exercise or sport, to have a good background and less notice the energy downturn. You will have premonitory dreams, which will bring light to your life, which will leave you calm and sure of doing the right thing.

In March you start a very good stage for studies, especially if you are a University student and you will get very good grades. For adults, it will be very good too, because of its great attraction to spiritual issues that will make you read all the time or watch videos. You will develop a huge extrasensory sense, so your premonitions and visions anticipating what will happen will multiply. All this will be due to the Full Moon on day 9.