Leo Monthly Horoscope for October 2021

Leo Monthly Horoscope for October 2021

This month of October for Leo will be a month of unimaginable fabulous changes. The most important thing will be money, study, family, and work. The lucky numbers for October: 1-2-3-4-10-11-18-19-2-28-29.

Love will be better than last month. If you are in a relationship, the relationship is encouraged a bit, but you need to get more involved and reactivate the relationship you have, otherwise, it will get cold again. If you are single, it will be a bit romantic. You are not very interested in the opposite gender. Your head is elsewhere, although it is true that you could get to know new and different people, through your professional life.leo monthly horoscope for october 2021

Social Life
Social life will be normal and you will interact with your usual people. You won’t be too eager to go out and socialize. Through work and people from other social circles, which you will meet, will be enough for this month. You will be content with socializing with them and learning new forms of leisure.

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The job and profession will be activated as the month progresses. Everything that was on standby will be activated and you will go towards your goals. You have interesting projects, which deserve your attention. Despite having more work, it will be clear to you that the family has priority. Your work will force you to get out of your comfort zone and move in other circles. It will be interesting because the characters you meet will broaden your horizons and interests.

Money and Luck
With the money, you will fare fantastically. It is going to be the most important thing of the month. If you want to buy or sell something, it will be done this month without a doubt. Everything that is business, signing contracts, buying and selling … will be given to you with success. During the days 8-9-2-3-14-15, you could win the Lottery or some game of chance or you could get some easy money, which you do not expect. It will be a fantastic month financially, in which you can pay debts, buy, indulge yourself and live peacefully.

Your health will be good and you will have energy for everything, although you will not have much desire to do sports or exercise. It will be an intellectual month than a physical one and you will take it calmly.

Family and Friends
Your family will be fine, but you will feel the need to be more at home. You feel that your family needs you. You will be shared between home and work.

Regarding studies, it will be a fantastic month. Everything that has to do with studying and learning will be great. You will study, you will focus, you will learn with great ease and pleasure. Even if you are not a student, it would be the ideal month to start studying what you lack or would like to learn. Enroll in some training course or college, whatever you want.