Leo Monthly Horoscope for the April 2020

Leo Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

The Leo Horoscope for April will be of concern for the Pandemic. The most important thing will be work and profession, money and health. Lucky numbers for April: 3-4-7-8-11-12-14-15-20-21-22.

Your health will be regular this month. You will hit a downturn, as they say. You will realize that you have lost physical faculties and things will happen to you, which usually did not happen to you. Take care of your knees and your back. Do not start doing sports like a beast, if you do not exercise gently and gradually take the bottom and maintain it. Diet, sleep your hours well and rest as much as you can, to be able to endure this strong work month. Massages and acupuncture would help you if possible.leo monthly horoscope april 2020

Venus and Mercury are again favorable for you and for how much your sentimental and family life is concerned, but it is not necessary to see the glass all full since Mars in opposition can create a climate of tension and fights within your sentimental relationship but also on a level of relationship with parents, cousins, brothers-in-law, brothers, sisters, children.

Well, it is necessary to control very well the nervousness and the tension that could ruin some interpersonal relationships and therefore lead to living a period with some accidents. Venus favors the development of new emotions and joys that living with the person you love but the stress that comes from work does not have to be relieved on the people you love.

If you learn this lesson at the beginning of the month, then everything can go very well and also in the new love encounters you will be very happy. The battlefield is love since, as Mars also indicates this area of life, then its opposition can create difficulty in the way of expressing romance. Then romantic but with a very low level of eroticism.

part of the month they promise to give away optimal opportunities at the job level. If you are looking for a new job or you want to change what you already have or you have still experienced a phase of disappointment in the past, you try to be serene and look to the future with optimism because with these two very positive planets the doors of success are opened for you.

You only need to pass the first week of April and then, flat plain, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you have an optimal job then new contracts, new agreements, the possibility of increasing incomes and a lot of success as far as the professional sector united with the trade-in beauty products or the artistic sector is concerned.

Money on arrival, sums of money that you have been waiting for a long time that finally arrive in your pockets. In short, this month could be very favorable for professional and economic progress, but only if you knew how to exploit the opportunities that come. Real estate investments are really interesting.

The money will fable you! If you have a property for sale, you will likely sell it this month; or if you were doubting whether to buy a house, this month would be appropriate. Opportunities arise. In the middle of the month, something unexpected could happen that changes your economic life to positive. You will have more income and more success. The change is coming, which you have been waiting for for a long time … You will be able to attract investors for your company or your project. They will raise your salary !!!

living this period of renewal is a very beautiful thing. Although Mars is in opposition for the whole month and does not guarantee an excellent level of energy with the square Sun that lowers your optimism, you can smile in any case because the work proceeds very well, love is also very important at this time and the strength to go forward, despite the physical and mental exhaustion, comes from just these two sectors.

Well, although you are not in an optimal physical and mental level, you can proceed with a smile on your lips and be particularly active in each sector, waiting for the next news that is about to arrive. Under this sky, making important choices such as going to live together with the person you love, acquiring a new house, is not an optimal idea, but in the meantime, if all this allows you to find more serenity, then take these decisive steps.

Still, True luck does not come but with Mercury and Venus in the optimal astrological position, luck can likely offer you something positive without you doing much.

Family and Friends
The family and the home will be fine, it is not a month that I have, I have to worry about the family. They all attend to their responsibilities and you can dedicate yourself to yours. All of them will do well financially and what’s more, if you sell the family home, which you are trying to sell, you will be very well financially. You may change your house this month. If you are still confined by the Coronavirus, it will be postponed to next month, but you will be organizing it this month.

Social life will be very good as always. You will be the center of your friends even with isolation. Your sympathy and your convening power will make you even more popular. You will continue to set the pace for everyone around you because you like to interact. Even with quarantine and isolation, you stay in touch, with your mobile, WhatsApp and video calls. For you there are no barriers, to communicate and interact with your friends, calls and video calls are handled like no one else.

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