Leo Monthly Horoscope for May 2017

Leo May 2017 Horoscope and predictions

This month of May Leo, the most important will be the profession, work, love and travel abroad.

Lucky numbers May 2017: 3,7,11,17,21,24,28.
It is time to use all your skills and knowledge for your professional growth or your social relationships. However, you must also stop in the way, stand and reflect if your approaches are appropriate.

It is easy for a change of circumstances to occur that forces you to review plans, dates or how to communicate. Do not get nervous and consider it as an exercise that will allow you to improve. Good opportunity, also, to set your goals and define your course better. A stage that can also be decisive in relationships with parents, bosses, teachers …

But this month will still be fundamental to make adjustments in your mental schemes and knowledge. Something could change in your way of reading everything around you and seeing the world. Your life philosophy is experiencing a turn that can condition even your daily life. You are interested in being aware.

Leo Love May 2017

In love you will do very well this month. There will be harmony, love and many romantic getaways. Take advantage to talk with your partner, an approach will make your relationship more intense if it fits.

Leo work May 2017

The work will be a total success. Your reputation goes up and your bosses support you too.

You will have a lot of work, but you can organize yourself. You’ll do great. As a result income will also increase. If you have not had a raise, you will have it now.

Leo money May 2017

Money will do you good. Your income increases and your luck too. You will get money from various sources. You have money to invest, you will have very good intuitions. Good time to sell or buy real estate. The only advice, is that you do not do things without thinking. Take your time or make yourself well advised. You will receive financial support from your partner and your family as well.

Leo family May 2017

Your family will be fine. Your home will be quiet and full of harmony and joys. You will feel clothed and pampered by all. You will feel happy. You start a quieter period of your life, with less social life and more relaxation. You can get work through your friends. Your children will be very lucky with the money.

Leo Health May 2017

The health will be very good and you will have premonitory dreams.

Write them down because it can reveal many things to you. Outdoor life, walking, Yoga, Taichi, bike rides. They will make you feel great. If you can afford a massage. It would be fantastic.

Leo studies May 2017

If you are a student you will do very well. It will be a very easy year for you to study and you will get very good grades. If you have to start at the University, you will be admitted to the University that you prefer.

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