Leo Monthly Horoscope November 2019

Leo Monthly Horoscope November 2019

The Leo Horoscope for the month of November. The most important thing will be family and home, work, health. Lucky numbers for November: 8-9-10-18-19-26-27-29.

Of the charm to resell in November that you will exercise however perhaps more to praise your merits, to impress the gallery, to put forward your exalted creativity that to joke with the love? One obviously does not prevent the other, we bet that your attention will be mobilized this month Lion on several fronts at the same time! The desire to improve your living conditions and those of your loved ones, to better manage your family business without giving up the abandonment of the vertigo of love!leo horoscope for the month of November 2019

In November love improves. If you have a partner, you have an unstable relationship, because there is no good communication between you. You have to continue striving to reconnect with your partner and recreate that atmosphere of complicity and romanticism. If you are single, it will cost you to find someone and connect properly. You are a little distance from your friends right now.

As a couple, if Uranus continues to stimulate your thirst for change (sometimes on all levels) it is however not a reason to make the law at home where we will not necessarily appreciate that you decide everything for all. world. Take gloves (24) to communicate. The best way (the 28th) to rally the votes without sowing disorder and confusion in the ranks.

Single, if you are not really in place and want to transform your life, try to do it smoothly in November when, if you try to force the passage to impose your new worldview, you are likely to trigger a conflict in family (24th) On the other hand, if you bet on the diplomacy, even the benevolence to make you understand, you will only be able to congratulate you (the 28th)!

Money and Luck
The money is going well for you, but complicated! Prosperity is there, but you have too many superfluous expenses. It is time to make a good provision of funds, eliminate all unnecessary expenses, sell properties that complicate your life, simplify and have more liquidity. You could live better than you live.

Your work and your profession are still important and you will continue with the usual rhythm. You will get beautiful opportunities for new jobs from 22 to 24, it is up to you to choose. If you are out of work, you will end the month with one; If you are already working, you will have to choose, because the offer will be very tempting. Sometimes, you worry too much about not living up to it, you block yourself, you don’t feel satisfied with yourself. Do not do it, work quietly, it is not worth it.

Social Life
Social life will remain quieter than usual, but in the last week of the month, you begin a stage of fun, relaxation, travel, and happiness. Seize it!!! Having fun and relating will be the solution to your work concerns. It will help you relativize your worries. Relate even if you don’t feel like it!

Family and Home
Family and home will be the center of your life and remain your priority. Taking care of them and living with them, gives you your emotional stability. If you are thinking of doing works at home, this would be a good month. Beware of domestic accidents. If your children are already working, they will do very well and that will fill you with pride.

Your health will be good, but you work hard and accumulate fatigue. Sleep the necessary hours, exercise and disconnect from your worries. The best way for you is to relate and have fun. You have the power to feel happy when you have fun and to relativize everything. It would be a good time, to make a detoxification cure and purify your body. If you want to lose weight, it is also a good time.

In November you are fully involved in your studies. It costs you work, but you concentrate and manage to study. You will get good grades, but if you want to get excellent, you will have to study more.

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