Leo Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

Leo Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

This month of October for Leo will be reflective and altruistic. The most important thing will be dedication and help to others, money, social life, and family. The lucky numbers for October: 1-2-3-4-10-11-12-19-20-21-28-29-30. The future is extremely interesting and attractive, like a magnet. Also, it is very difficult to characterize our attitude to him unequivocally: then we try to find out about him, then we are afraid of any information about him. However, more often we show interest than a denial that is why horoscopes are the most popular among them, the language that the stars speak to us about the future. A variety of horoscopes on love, finances, money, family, health in October 2020 for Leo, read below.

Fully aware of their many outstanding qualities, the natives of Leo will march steadily down the paths they deem most convenient for their personal growth. In the professional field, Leo will have the strong support of Aries, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Taurus, on the other hand, will find it overwhelming to cope with Leo’s excessive prominence. Among his friends, during October Geminis will accept each of his proposals. Together with Libra, Leo will enjoy parties and nighttime entertainment, while Capricorn will make similar but less sophisticated proposals.leo monthly horoscope of october 2020

In money matters, the Leos will be determined to take the bull by the antlers and make that difference right now, which they need so much, to get ahead. They will achieve the purposes before the 30th. They will be given the conditions to review the life of the relationship, not only in terms of love as a couple but especially their family affairs. Focused on their most authentic desires, they will find social life stimulating as the intimacy of the couple, especially from the 20th when Venus passes to Sagittarius, the House of Leo, of romances, pleasures, conquest, and free time. The excellent month of October, with love to spare and more money in your pocket.

Leo Astrology October 2020
Leo is a king who loves no rivals. His merits are admirable: he is generous, warm, and passionate, creative, and exalted in every attitude. Determined to give the best of himself to those he loves. It teaches you to trust yourself and to fight. The month of October will confirm all the positive notes and the results may surprise you. You have more than one motivation to be optimistic and exceptions are a rarity. The Sun and Mercury exalt all communicative and social aspects, favor love and work with concrete results; also, in managing daily life. Venus in Leo will be wonderful for love, providing sweetness and a little prominence. Also, Saturn in Sagittarius contributes by giving it authority, infusing reality in expression and enjoyment. On the other hand, the ever-alive and revolutionary Uranus in Aries stimulate and vitalizes him, so much that everyone will adore him. Life will show you its best side and you will take advantage of it.

Leo Predictions October 2020
The natives of Leo lack measure or time to offer their love and this month, their excess will be even greater as a result of the placement of Venus in their sign. Loving and being loved will be a thing of every day. Many links that will be initiated during this period will be successful. However, I witness it from Mars in the dark Case XII, it will bring unrest to other areas of the life of the lions. Nefarious characters will prowl around him, sowing confusion in the minds of many Lions.

In love, you will continue with the same rhythm as always. You won’t be bad, but not too good either. You will continue with your way of life, but communication is lacking. You should create complicity and everything will be better. A trip or a getaway would be great for you. If you are single, you will go out to have fun and meet new people. You want to fall in love.

With so many months of Venus in Leo, she was able to learn to listen to her demands and those of her partner. Love is always very stimulating to you, and now you can help fulfill your wishes. Mercury and the Sun in Libra will give away long conversations about the strangest arguments and will manage to understand each other much better. The world of feelings will come to the fore. There will be very exciting moments in privacy and your heart will beat faster than ever. Excellent.

Until the 20th Leo will spend a lot of time at home, with the children if he is married and with his boyfriend or girlfriend if he is a young Leo in love. Those who are in a couple will have the opportunity, during the first part of October, to start thinking seriously about life together, since the issue of laying the foundations and forming a family will be a priority. There will be a lot of camaraderies and mutual understanding. Those who are alone will have very good opportunities to start a new relationship during the last week of October. From 20 onwards Leo will be wanting to have fun, instead of staying home.

The month of October will have a marked dividing line. The first part will offer ambivalent situations and the suspicion will be constant. It is essential to act sincerely to avoid deterioration of the bond. In the second fortnight, nothing will overshadow the Leos’ romantic relationship. Words and gestures will become allies of your feelings. Your Cancer lover will make Leo feel full, away from doubts or grudges. With Leo, they will have the opportunity to clear up old conflicts. Scorpio will be far from idealizing it. This child of Pluto loves with wide eyes.

Mars and Venus will travel opposite paths; While the first brings promises of deceptive behavior, both from the lions and their partners, the second will offer them the best opportunities in the love arena. It will be a cosmic arm wrestling in which there will be a tie, and it will be left to each native of Leo the possibility of obtaining the greatest advantages of Venusian generosity and neutralizing the Martian harassment. Establishing a distance from untrustworthy people will be the most advantageous option.

Social Life
Social life will be active. It will be a month in which you will capture everyone’s problems and make them yours. You do not know how to be passive and not helping others. You are very good at listening, advising, and even actively solving the problems of others. And this is what you will do throughout this month.

The work will go well and you will work very comfortably. You will feel valued and loved. It will not be a hectic month of work, but it will be a month in which you will prepare and project your professional future, to have frank success later on. You will have a lot of inventiveness, a spirit of initiative, a global vision of relationships, and also the possibility to evolve. Jupiter, Mars, and then Venus in Virgo give you important changes in your resources. You will be adept at capturing the right moment to undertake innovative tasks without wasting time taking advantage of the assistance offered. Pluto in Capricorn gives you a lot of strength to break through and obtain.

Leo will live a stable employment situation and will not suffer financial problems in October. With Aries they share a vitality without limits, the daily work will be easy for them to cope with and the inconveniences generated by the disorder with which their partner is handled will be overcome without problems. Taurus will understand that the excess of prominence that Leo tries to put into practice will end up damaging the smooth running of society. Sagittarius will always bet on daring, understanding that good business is only available to those who can take risks.

Good fortune will be on the side of the children of the Sun. The Lionesses will have the favors of Venus that will provide them with the possibility of consolidating their evolution in the field where they develop their professional activities. The other side of the coin will be given by a poorly positioned Mars and Mercury. Both will encourage misinterpretations, unclear situations, and even hoaxes planned by enemies posing as loyal colleagues or co-workers.

Earning money will be almost a mission for Leo in this very positive month of October, perfect for associating, investing, getting a job, getting a promotion, and closing deals. At the beginning of October, they will have great clarity to outline strategies, and they should not waste it. At certain moments the emotional life will conspire against the work performance, but they will be able to overcome, aware of the importance of their actions in the future well-being of the family. The best thing will be that they advance work. In this way, they can lower their guard at work when other complications interfere with their projects.

You will have good luck with money, that is, you could win a small sum of money with a game of chance. You could receive a raise in salary, which is essential for you since you feel valued for what you earn. Your first fortnight will be better than the second since your situation is complicated. But what is strictly necessary, because you will need it.

Your family will have problems and you will be listening to everyone, to support and help them. You are very good at that. Your children and your husband/wife need your wise advice. You will receive the help of a family member, which you will greatly appreciate. You will achieve your emotional balance in this way, helping them all. Thanks to the Sun and Mercury in Libra, there will be no particular relationship problems, as you will be able to establish a friendly and fresh communication, as you have not had with your relatives for a long time. Venus in Leo also signals a period of calm on the home front. You will be traversed by feelings of relief or abundance from the bonds. Free as the air thanks to Mercury and the Sun, you can enjoy serene moments with those you love most. Ideal for you.

Your health will be good, but you will have to take care of yourself. You will feel tired, so rest as much as you can, take long walks or go for a run. You need to start with sports and a good diet, to change your lifestyle. You need it. If you think you need psychological help, don’t deprive yourself of it. His low physical vitality will put the lions in a bad mood. They would be wrong if they took energy supplements. The most appropriate thing will be to rest a little more, eat a higher proportion of fruits, and include dried fruits in their diets. Brewer’s yeast will help fight burnout and so will oatmeal-based dishes. It will be reasonable to get into the habit of practicing some physical activity systematically and much better if you can do it outdoors. If fatigue persists, they should see a doctor and get a checkup.

A danger will arise from mental and emotional exhaustion. It is that Leo will put so much energy into work and, at the same time, he will commit himself in such a way to the family, that he will end up absorbing the problems of others as if they were his own. You have to take care of yourself, then, because if you intend to obtain an even job performance throughout the entire month of October, you will be acting against your natural needs. There will be a drop in vitality during the second fortnight. Reducing working hours as much as possible will be essential and there will be no better health aid than being with loved ones, in harmony.

There will be no friend more predisposed to accompany Leo than a Gemini. Both of you will have a blast, as you have plenty of enthusiasm. The night offers good entertainment to those who value their gifts and Libra is among those who opt for the best activities. Leo will do well to accept the proposals of this son of Venus who will make him live enviable moments. In contrast, Capricorn will lack the inventiveness to enjoy the free time but will gladly accept invitations from his Leo friend. Pisces will be associated with your friend’s interest in acting learning.

If you are a student, you will do very well, because you want to study and you have made a firm determination to get very good grades. Ahead! If you push yourself and work hard the entire course, you can study whatever you want.

Astral Advice of October for Leo
Try not to waste the favorable moment and take advantage of the touch of energy that enlivens an eroticism and the sweet complicity in the couple. Freeway to success at work, as your desire for change, is accentuated. A very pleasant month with your partner.

Beautiful monthly energy and relationship favored friend Leo! Until the 22nd, the Sun in Libra illuminates your sector of close relationships and benefits your optimistic mind. Mercury frames your sign with Scorpio, invites you to introspection. Its effects affect your home or your family relationships until the 28th. Excellent energy, all fire, and flames cheer you up all month! A pleasant financial surprise could come thanks to Venus in Virgo from the 4th to the 28th. Your professional mutation continues in the last two deans. Have you thought about a medical checkup? (Same deans) Uranus pushes the first decan to live a great socio-professional change, while Neptune weakens a little of your financial pragmatism, second decan. Home and family need your attention.

Loving panorama: Venus gives you at first sight feelings that are mild and shy, yet they are possessive and exclusive. Your libido under the protection of Mars in Aries, in a beautiful aspect of your sign, augurs a powerful sensuality, uninhibited and conquering. Also, manage its powerful planetary influences in moderation, the temperature can rise under your sheets in this autumn month!

If you are in a relationship: A privileged married life, especially if your partner has the same sensual energy as you! However, some delicate discussions can obscure your complicity, keep this in mind, and be sure to roar in your relationship only wisely. Strong feelings, whole, measure, and delicacy, everything will be fine.

If you are single: Great dynamism all month on Mars you will have the heart to get the person you lust for. Opt for a personality of a foreign culture different from yours and open your eyes if you travel in early fall. Until the 22nd, heaven favors your exchanges and your meetings. The advice of My Horoscope of the Day: Except some minor annoyances in your home or family, which you should manage in the best of cases with the support of your diplomacy, the monthly energies remain indulgent with your sign. Heal your exchanges and stay away from ego conflicts, take care!

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