Leo Monthly Horoscope September 2018

Leo Monthly Horoscope September 2018

This month of September for the Leo horoscope, power to make changes. The most important thing is the family, money, health and physical transformation and personality. Lucky numbers for September: 1-2-3-4-5-7-13-15-25-26-27-28.

The love will be fine. No changes, but with the desire to be happy and adapt to your partner. You will be willing to make the necessary concessions, so that she feels loved and pampered. During the first 3 weeks, you can make all the changes you need, to be happy, eliminating everything you consider uncomfortable or unacceptable.leo monthly horoscope of september 2018

You will be fine money! But the money will suffer delays. If you are waiting for income or some transaction, buying / selling, collecting dividends, signing a business … It will be delayed a little, but calm, because it is only about that, a delay. The important thing is that the money will not be missing and if you know how to take it, it will be a good month economically. The last week, everything is activated and you start a lucky stage with very important money.

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If you work as an employee, follow the changes. You are still in the same dynamic as in the last few months, but as we already saw, everything moves around you, but it affects you little. Maybe later this month, they change their job or give you more work than you have been doing so far.

In your home and with your family, everything changes and evolves positively. The family will be the most important for you, since they need you and in them you find the emotional balance. No matter how well your work goes, the important thing for you is the children and their well-being. You will be there, to give them your advice, your love and make them feel like a united and happy family.

It is a month in which changes can happen at a social level and with your friends. You want to modify your image and the way that others see you. So you will continue working on the change of both physical and behavioral image. You want to give another image, the image of a person of integrity, with class, attractive, intelligent and respectable. It will be a job … The negative will be that you will have a low self-esteem.

Health will be good and you will have a lot of energy, but the solar eclipse of the 11th day will affect you a lot. Take it easy 2 days before and 2 days later. Again, you’re going to rethink your whole life, just like you did on July 27 with the eclipse of the Moon of Blood. It’s going to be very important, because you’re going to give a new twist to your life, your principles, your priorities, your image, both personal and work relationships … Involuntarily, a clean-up is going to take place in you organic level If you want to lose weight, you should take advantage of these energies, to purify and eliminate fat. It will be much easier to lose weight at this time.

September is a month of start-up. For university students, a period of change, innovation and the introduction of new and more interesting topics begins. You will have come to the conclusion that what you were doing was not quite what you wanted and you will have found other things better for you. Regardless of age and condition, you will be interested in cultures and religions different from yours and you will read a lot about it.