Leo Monthly Horoscope September 2020

Leo Monthly Horoscope September 2020

This September for Leo will be calm and thoughtful. The most important thing will be money, work, and social life. The lucky numbers for September for Leo: 2-3-4-5-14-15-16-17-18-19-22-23-24.

In love, you will continue with the same rhythm as last month. The difference is that you could have strong arguments over money. You will not agree on how to spend it. If you are single, it will be a good month to meet someone special and fall in love. You will be very attractive and seductive, also with your sympathy, you will attract more than one.leo monthly horoscope september 2020

Social Life
Social life will be active and you will attract new people, with whom you could do business, thanks to your people skills and your sympathy. You could also get job offers, through your friends and contacts. You will try to have fun and spend pleasant moments, to brighten your life.

The work will go well and you will work very calmly. It will be a month in which the entire working world will move slowly, which will allow you to do things better. If you are a perfectionist, you can work at ease, reviewing, and working without haste. Good time, to reflect on your future work and to plan new projects. You will receive several job offers but analyze them well. They are not what they are trying to sell you. You need to do more advertising to attract more customers. The world of the Internet and Social Networks are your things. Explore it if you haven’t already.

Money and Luck
You will have very good luck with the money and the money will come in in several ways during the first week. You will feel prosperous and you will feel safe. You will spend at home, with your family and on your training or healing (courses, seminars, massages … topics that help you lead your life better).

Family and Friends
Your family will be fine and so will you. There is no news at home. Perhaps some small repair, which you will not want to fix at the moment. Right now you are looking for comfort and rest peacefully at home.

Your health improves and your mood improves, but it is not a good time to start a super strict diet or make big changes. Just eat balanced and healthy, exercise, and walk outside. What the Sun gives you.

If you are a student, you will do very well, because you will have a very open mind and eager for new knowledge. If you are an adult, the same, you will want to read and learn new and interesting things.

At the beginning of the month, Venus invites you to live your love affairs in secret or to get away from your private life to investigate its defects and exalt its strength. The delicious planet inverts your sign and reinforces your charm, your desire to love and be loved. A pleasant influence, but do not use it to satisfy your selfish desires, keep in mind, friend Leo, the wishes of the other.

1st decan (July 23 – August 2): Enjoy!
Venus gives you an irresistible charm between the 6th and the 15th. Take advantage of this important asset to strengthen your confidence in yourself, September does not expose you to any cosmic upheaval that can cause a short circuit with such pleasant frequency.

2nd decan (Aug 3 – Aug 13): Don’t overdo it!
At the beginning of the month, you are in charge of the administration and improve your comfort. Venus takes over your decan from the 15th and makes you dazzle or even impress the gallery. Beware of any excess around the 15th: your environment is not sensitive to your manifestations, which you consider bold. The 17th, your optimism is not shared by those who touch you closely.

3rd decan (August 14 – August 22):
Until 6 o’clock, Venus pushes you to think instead of jumping. You feel a bit frustrated and want to force fate. Instead, stay in reserve to avoid misunderstandings, take some distance to improve exchanges, and your privacy. You will have a lot to do to manage the administration in September to prioritize your privacy. On the other hand, from the 24th, Venus invites herself to your decan and restores the colors to your loves.

Venus reverses your sign from the 6th, it is the opportunity to reconnect with seduction and take control of your emotional life. But, you have to put in perspective the demands of daily life that prevent you from having a good time and especially the time to love.

The first week
The 1st, you boast of your merits and this helps you evolve your daily life.
The 2nd, the full moon invites you to transform what should be: business association or your partner, it is time to question yourself. If you’re in trouble, consider why. On a professional level, if you have the opportunity to express your originality, you will make a difference.
The 3rd, communicate your talents and potential to make a difference and break down the obstacles that hold you back in your current initiatives.
The 4th, beware of possible conflicts if you allow your emotions to interfere in the debates at the risk of blurring the frequency. Use your hidden resources to enrich your skills instead of attracting blame and criticism.

The second week
On the 9th, you get points with attractive offers. There are vacancies and you can count on your talents to evolve, whether professionally or privately.
The 11th, find out where you are financially so as not to venture into investments that are beyond your means.

The third week
The 14th, the expression of new or insufficiently exploited talents opens up paths and allows you to transform your daily life. Do not hesitate to leave your comfort zone to exceed your limits.
The 15th, sweetheart, do not take this opportunity to impose on anyone the changes that you want to implement in your life and that some find a little daring, even extreme.
The 17th, if you have the opportunity to open exchanges, do not overdo it and keep the dialogue open. The new moon invites you to expose what you can do and to claim the right reward. Bet on your potentials to avoid blockages.

The fourth week
On the 21st, do not hesitate to make concessions so that your exchanges do not face resistance that is difficult to understand and then break.
The 23rd, it is difficult for you to make yourself understood, soften your focus, and round the angles so that you do not find yourself in a dead-end.
The 24th, if you make your claims, don’t be surprised if they reject you.
On the 29th, you face the disapproval of your loved ones who choose to resist rather than a bow. Play your charm to soften your little world avoiding tricking them.

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