Leo October 2018 Love, Health Luck and Money Horoscope

Leo October 2018 Love, Health Luck and Money Horoscope

This month of October for the Leo horoscope, the most important thing will be: family, money, love Lucky numbers for October: 1-2-3-4-5-12-13-14-21-22-23 -29-30-31.

Leo love October 2018
Love will be regular. You will establish a relationship of strengths with your partner, which will cause many arguments, fights and if you do not remedy it, distance. You have to try, listen, let him talk and respect his points of view. You see things from very different points of view and through concessions and with tranquility, you must reach agreements. The last week, everything improves and if you have done well, the relationship can change to much better. If you are single, you will attract much to the opposite sex and you will not lack admirers.


Leo money October 2018
You will be fine money! You do not have to worry about the economic part. You will cover expenses, you can give yourself whims and live without worry. Dedicate yourself to the family, which is your great concern this month. If you are a seller, merchant, commercial, you will earn a lot of money this month. It is a good month to sell or buy a house, land, business … A family business could work very well, because you can see your family working with you.

Leo work October 2018
Your work will continue with its normal routine. It is not a focus of concern for you. There will be no change. You know very well what you have, what to do and continue with your routine. Forget about work.

Leo home and family October 2018
Your family will be the most important sector this month. You will be so absorbed by family problems, that you will totally focus on your home. You will feel, that you must be at home, to attend, listen, help and coordinate everything. Some son, if you have it, could cause you worry and you will have to take care of him, control him and watch him do not do nonsense. Good time, to buy a house and move; or simply to redecorate your house or do works.

Leo social life October 2018
It is a month in which you will have a special aura and a lot of charisma. You will be the center wherever you go. You will make a social life, but perhaps a little less than usual, due to family problems. You will attract people, you will make them laugh and everyone will invite you as always, but you will be more selective.

Leo health October 2018
Health will be good and you will have a lot of energy. It is a month in which you will dedicate yourself as the main task, to recover your emotional balance. Exercise, family and tranquility will bring you peace and you will feel much better. If you do some kind of therapy, you will see how you evolve. You will advance and improve remarkably.

Leo studies October 2018
In October, you will be up and running and integrated into the new course. You will have everything under control, organized and coordinated with the exercise or the dance, your friends and the fun. Good month, good assimilation and concentration.