Leo this December 2019 | Monthly Horoscope

Leo this December 2019 | Monthly Horoscope

The Leo Horoscope for December. The most important thing will be love, social life, work, money, and health. Lucky numbers for December: 6-7-15-16-17-18-24-25-26.

You will be very happy in love. Your relationship is very good. Love, harmony, and communication improve. You feel very good with him, complicity returns and what is better, you have fun and play sports together. This will unite you more. If you are single, during the Christmas dates, you will meet someone you will fall in love with and live a passionate and happy period. You will end the year with a partner.leo december 2019 monthly horoscope

Money and Luck
The money will be great for you! Prosperity reigns in your life, but you spend a lot and you will be willing to have two jobs or to do overtime to generate more money. Labor charges will be accompanied by their consequent increase in salary.

Your work and your profession will be the best of the month. You will have a lot of work, but this will be recognized and you will be rewarded. There will be positive changes for you in your company. You will feel happy and delighted with the new stage that begins for you. It is also possible, that they offer you another interesting job and you have to choose. You may also have two jobs. If you are looking for a job, this month your offers will rain and you end the month with a job.

Social Life
Social life will remain very active. You are clear that you want to have fun and be happy, so you will accept all the invitations that come to you and by your side, your house will look like a restaurant. You will interact with important people, who will invite you everywhere and you will be delighted. They could introduce you “that someone” that will change your life.

Family and Friends
Family and home will always be with people, lunch, dinner, and friends. You will feel happy to receive them. Be careful with your children, if you have them! The solar eclipse on day 26 could affect them strongly. They have to be at home quiet during those days, to avoid traffic accidents. It is not advisable to travel abroad. Advise them to postpone for next year.

Your health will be good, but you work hard and stress could play tricks on you. Exercise, to eliminate nerves, eat healthy food and learn to disconnect from work. Your sleep hours are sacred and mandatory rest. The fact of going out so much and having fun, far from running out, will help you relax. You, for your part, will make a change of image and personality. You will decide to show others another way

In December you are fully involved in your studies.